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  • Surprised you still remember this forum after 10 years, lol.

    You make me look like a newbie with my 2006 join date. :c
    Hi, please don't try to dodge the censor. We all know what you mean when you say 'fock'. Thanks.
    Well, that's honestly what I've been trying to do.

    Except with different people. Honestly though, invite me to these things please, you know how busy I am but you send me an invite I generally can make time.
    Forget it, I thought I had a breakthrough, turns out it was just incramental improvement, noticable, but incramental.

    I'm gonna go cry in a corner now...
    Wow, you're old. Some people searched the old wavedashing threads and I saw your posts on the first thread about it (aka the "mad dash").
    GL @ Revival. Be sure to practice this week so you're on your game. No SF4 or SSB:Metaknight lol. I'd be up for playing Thursday or Friday if you want.
    Are you going to GIMPED aka the artist formerly known as GameTable? Lemme know via here, AIM, cell, whatever. Also, if you know about anyone else, that would be cool. I know at least me, Mike, and Brian are going.
    My 2:20 was canceled (look at the time now :)), but I have class 3:50-5:10. I'll talk to you on AIM after that/eating?
    See, here's the difference. Gimpy says something like "I consider myself a very smart player who's best asset is the ability to read a player better than almost anyone else who plays - another one of my best assets in gaming is that I can recognize most patterns and find ways around them almost immediately..." I would say something like "I consider myself an awful player and my best asset is that I spent years playing Melee and learning random details of the game that are now worthless because the metagame is too fast and impossible to play against if you suck."
    Yeah, what a jerk. But I'll bring it to our first weekend event. If it's teams stuff as planned, it'll be short enough that we should get plenty of singles as well. And if it becomes singles something (rankings/tourney)...well, that's that.
    Lol, noticed. But, how'd you find me on the melee Marth boards? Therein lies the question, hmmm. lol

    Finally done today, really happy about it.
    How did you find me?!

    It's because you're black, isn't it?

    Lol, been doing ok, haven't seen you around in forever though, how you been?
    I am not as good as Mew2King, so I cannot have an illogical and stupid tag. (yet) :-p
    The other name implies that I main Dr. Mario. And as cool as that would be, it's not the case. :-p
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