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Kool Aid
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  • random thought from talking to you on that thread, but:

    My friend who is trying to get better, but doesn't paly the game often because he hates wifi and lives in the middle of nowhere in GA is playing Pit, but has a really hard time with Marth any advice with that MU.

    Also, I'm hoping I'm giving him the right advice, but I'm telling him to use a lot of nairs for an approach against certain characters like Peach/Kirby or any other character that doesn't have GREAT aerial movement and little range with aerials, can you confirm this? I usually tell him to watch videos of you because you're probably the best Pit in america, but who are some other good Pits to watch?

    Also, I've seen some Pits do this before, but I'm not sure if this is smart, but I see them use their up-b to chase opponenents high in the air, even when offstage. And how practical is arrow looping? He does a lot of it, but sometimes I think it's really unnecessary and I think he could just be spamming arrows instead
    dude, you need 2 teach me how you play Pit! I know that you may not feel that you can contribute, but I'll accept any advice. Just tell me your mindset when you play brawl & general tactics you use w/ Pit, but it can be anything.
    sup Koolaid?
    we need your input on the Pit boards! Just make a thread of random tips and thoughts you have on Pit. Anything that you have learned from tournaments or from playing top E.C. players would be great!

    Oh, and win Pound 4!!! or place in the top 10
    Hey man, can you tell me what you do w/ Pit? Oh, and great job getting 5th @ that NY tournament. That was tough competition!
    Great job winning those tournaments! Can you teach me how to play Pit? I've somewhat given up on him. I am just clueless w/ him. How do you observe your opponents w/ Pit? Arrow spam, planking? Have you registeredbfor Pound 4 yet?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I plan on being really good soon, so I need all the help I can get.
    Drinking you has made my life worth living.
    Thank you, Kool Aid.

    Also, the epicness of your name deserves an internet as a prize.

    - Breaks wall virginity and leaves -
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