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    Discussion Groups Update! (Skype/Discord

    I can join the discord
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    Lucario Discord!

    I'd like to join.
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    Lucario Kill Throws?

    I actually find Fthrow to be very effective. If it doesn't kill, I'll usually throw an Aura Sphere to get a second shot at landing a kill.
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    Tafokints and Omni Discuss Tensions Between the Melee and Smash 4 Community

    People need to learn that every Smash game is good in its own right. Heck, I think Brawl is fun if someone isn't playing as Meta Knight. Anyway, Melee and Smash 4 have their differences. So what if one game is different from another? Just have fun with whatever game you're playing, because...
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    Brawl Minus: Waluigi Serves Up The Competition!

    It's sort of sad that now, players can make a better game than Nintendo.
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