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Recent content by King Kong

  1. King Kong

    Official [QLD] Tournament & General Thread: Next Event - UQ Smash 15 - 19/12/15

    Moved to The Netherlands. Bored out of my face waiting for my residency permit. I just bought a T.V/Cube/Melee and am going to a tournament. Hopefully get a game in against Zgetto or Amsah at some point. I've played melee probably twice in the past five years - this is going to be bad. Miss you...
  2. King Kong

    Meta The Charizard Metagame Discussion Topic

    I'm busy trying to get it down so it feels natural when I'm in a match. I think it'll be much more gentle on the analogue stick than dash dancing was in melee. Speaking of perfect pivoting, I'm having a hard time deciding whether to have my C-stick set to tilt or smash. With tilt, you can...
  3. King Kong

    Bad Charizard Matchups (first impressions)

    I try not to compete with DK's aerials. His B-air comes out quickly, and he seems to have more mobility in the air than Zard. Ithink it's best to stay grounded when possible. I think that Zard is great at edge guarding DK, but DK can kill you at very low percentage if he catches any mistakes...
  4. King Kong

    [QLD] The Power of Science - TPoS6: 21st April

    I'm coming along. Can't wait to have a few games and see everyone again! peace out
  5. King Kong

    [QLD] SummerSmash 2012 Sign-up thread.

    King Kong (Josh) - Brissy. Keen to get back into it ;) peace out
  6. King Kong

    [QLD] Brisbane/Gold Coast Meets & Tournaments

    So. Anyone still play melee? Wouldnt mind having a game or two sometime soon. peace out
  7. King Kong

    [QLD] Brisbane/Gold Coast Meets & Tournaments

    Dude this is the original Tech Team. ****in 2006 style smash right here. peace out
  8. King Kong

    [QLD] Brisbane/Gold Coast Meets & Tournaments

    .................................................................................................................... :glare:
  9. King Kong

    [QLD] Brisbane/Gold Coast Meets & Tournaments

    still in Carindale?..... you guys should come Northside ;) peace out
  10. King Kong

    [QLD] Brisbane/Gold Coast Meets & Tournaments

    Haha thanks for the plug Dif. Up to too much stuff atm. Wouldnt mind playing a bit before uni kicks back in, i feel like i would have slipped back a long way though. someone make a meet. peace out
  11. King Kong

    [QLD] Brisbane/Gold Coast Meets & Tournaments

    Yo. Is this Sunday a melee thing? I might come along for a bit since im free on Sunday. Even if its not if anyone wants to hang out there and play some melee id b down for that. peace out
  12. King Kong

    General Discussion

    It took me about 3 matches to start pulling off 0-deaths with Roy on fastfallers, so ****ing sexy to watch. Too bad the rest of Roys game is so mediocre. If you could dedicate yourself to reading well though, I think Roy would be a viable character, he punishes really really hard. peace out
  13. King Kong

    [QLD] Brisbane/Gold Coast Meets & Tournaments

    When? If not too late I will come. peace out
  14. King Kong

    [QLD] Brisbane/Gold Coast Meets & Tournaments

    Ive been doing MMA training. So someone got me in a kneebar, which is a ****ed up submission because it dosnt hurt until its been twisted too far already. It was fine that night until i tried to walk on it the next morning and basically couldnt extend my leg. Still, my fingers and brain work...
  15. King Kong

    [QLD] Brisbane/Gold Coast Meets & Tournaments

    Come to mine! I got kneelocked twice and broke my toe so i cant really walk to difs anymore. peace out
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