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  • ah alright. that explains it. i would give ya the whole follow the rules spiel, but i think you've gotten this enough.

    as for jupiter, EE is literally god at looking town and being scum. go read full life consequences(was called math blasters for quite a while) and you'll see him being indy and ****ing the whole game. he got MVP.

    as for my activity, I've got no home computer and work three days during the week where I could go to a public library for internet. in the summer I'll have an ipod touch at leats for internet.
    in a different note, I don't get why people were flaming on you and saying they wouldn't play with you. I honestly think you do a great job of mixing actual playing with having fun(almost like EE, except he makes seriousness hilarious at the same time somehow)
    was cool playing with you in gigabots. if jupiters last posts are any indications, we just got played. sorry bout that :/
    This is the thread: http://forum.mafiascum.net/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=21385

    It's six pages, D2. A crash happened, and we only have like 6 or so pages from D1. So not much to read over.

    Also, consider that MS is a bit slower than here. Also more text book like. So I wouldn't really suggest gambits. Not that I'm a gambit man myself.

    (Deadlines are like 2 weeks or something)

    Just ask the mod (Weirdalex) if you want to replace in. You can say I referred you. And yes. July played with me. ;o

    It's up to you mang.
    Yo you should replace in to a mafia game I'm in on Mafia scum. Wanna? It needs replacements badly. ;o
    You're a cool dude and you have potential. Stick around.

    Just realize that I, as well as a few others in dGames, have had our games that we worked very hard to create completely ruined by cheating. That's why we take that rule so strictly. Don't take it personally.
    he might not be friendly per se in mafia, but hell does he get the job done. O rat least he did. Don't know bout as of late, though every game i have played he has been in/is in.
    Swiss so troll yet he is reallygood
    They're not really supposed to do it either, but they didn't drop anything regarding alignments of other players in the game, like you sort of did.

    They know better, but it wasn't really a serious transgression. No worries about it, you're just not supposed to say anything about ongoing games until after they're finished.
    If you edit it, nothing other than "Go scum." No links, nothing, please.

    Hate to be a butt, but them's the rules.
    Sorry to hastily edit that, but you're not supposed to post anything other than "Go scum" or "Go Town" once you're dead.
    Dietz: yo what's up man. The only problem with me trying to hype BB, is that everyone is playing hacked versions of Continum Shift. And those aren't really stable. Some people have it on their laptops (which are the most unstable), and for those who play it on their desktops aren't gonna be too swift to bring their full setup lol. Also the game is pretty dead...for now...in WI/IL everyone is just waiting for Continum Shift. So I'ma have to hold off announcing a BB tourney until CS is out and it's valid competitively. Let's hope for the best. ;)
    I didn't try vs him because I've lost the idea about how to do the marth matchup, and i didn't feel like it. biglou did ****ing amazing though, 2 sets off mike and 1 off atomsk, d3 first game mk second game. and you know i was coaching him all the way.
    To a degree, playing a character high tiered will make you play better, but in the Wafles example it kinda proves what many people do believe to be true, playing MK makes you play better by itself.

    Whats funny is Kenni has gone MK on me when I had a close game his Sheik at Curly before, funny how that works out. Scythe did this to me at the last M.A.S. when I beat him in Lucario dittos. Wafles one time just went MK on me when he knew I played Lucario, he even said he has no clue what to do vs Lucario which is why he doesn't go Falco on me.

    While I think the best method is to just outright ban him, your idea is still one worth considering. I'm just one person, what the community wants and what we know as facts need to be considered, so if the community want sot go down one road or the other I'll support it provided the community can justify it.

    Good to see you read DMG's thread, it is worth reading and something that just definitely proves something I was researching, MK planking is unstoppable if he does it right.
    Well, I was originally Anti-ban for quite a while, that was until Crow posted his graph and DMG pointed out the rules we put down just for MK, everyone else has planking that is a lot easier to stop, even Falco who supposidly gets destroyed by planking can do something.

    I learned from helping in a project to test how broken planking was that MK's planking was superior to everyone elses by a mile.

    It was mostly how Dark.pch gave frame data on MK's planking. He posted data to show Peach could stop everyone's planking, except MKs, quite easily. The problem with MK was the fact he proved with frame data that MK was only vulnerable for 3 frames while planking. So you need a move that comes out at that speed or faster that also has more range than MK's Uair. There are some characters that have moves almost fast enough to get a planking MK, Lucario, Snake, Wario, Marth, or ones that had moves fast enough but lacked range, Falco, Peach, Squirtle, Zero Suit Samus.

    So MK has to make a mistake for anyone to punish him. It was really stupid since something like this can turn the game into MK vs MK. At least with everyone elses planking people have answers, MK's however has none.

    With the bracket idea it could work, but I do agree a lot of people are going to pick the MK-less scene more often than not. People would prefer if MK was banned, even I think the game would be better without him, even if it was unfair to MK mains.

    I'm not going to advocate a ban to people, only because I'd rather not start a fight or something when the BBR is debating this and deciding if MK is truly bannable, granted DMG is working on a huge post to show that a Planking MK unbeatable unless he makes a mistake and how most of the cast is at a disadvantage if people are looking at frame data and hitboxes. You can powershield his Uair and have ways to punish, Falco for example can PS buffer a dash and get a bair off, but that's trying to predict a 2 frame move while human reaction time is only 8 frames at best.

    It's kinda like how I LOL'd at people who said Lucario vs MK was 50:50. Lucario has nothing on the ground that outranges his moves except Fsmash. Even then most of Lucario's ranged moves are too slow to comes out so MK has time to do other things, like get read to powershield Fsmash and dash grab Lucario out of it. The only reason it's not terrible for Lucario is because his air moves can compete with MK's, a projectile that kills, and Lucario kill MK because, "Your only making me stronger."

    That's why it's only a 4:6, but in the grand scheme of things most of the cast is still beaten very badly by MK, even worse than this. Then if people actually thought if planking was involved it only gets worse. So I do support a ban, but I don't want to advocate it too much since I want to just play the game more than I want to try and ban a character.

    edit: Wow I really ranted on about this, LOL.
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