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  • Dude, your avatar made my day! I drew that R.O.B. F-Tilt trace over 4 years ago and I can't believe someone liked it enough to make it their avatar. Thanks man!
    I use gold Rob and its a cool drawing. Glad your happy with me using it. Im pretty sure its my avatar on a couple of other forums too.

    The following SA players oppose a global (non-Meta Knight specific) ledge-grab limit for Brawl Singles at SG on the grounds of it unfairly nerfing characters who don't deserve it:

    Apollo, Nova, Grim Tuesday, Ghostbone and wh1te5had0w.

    Possibly more, but those are the only people who I have spoken with about it. It would be great if you could remove it as soon as possible, unless you have a reason not to.

    NOTE: This is only referring to Brawl Singles, you can keep the LGL in FFA if you so desire.
    well maybe you should ask my brother for the games I got the gears 1 and 2 plus ninja gaiden 2 and the game that I will borrow and the tv
    hey would you want me to bring a tv because i'll be happy to and u can name one game 4 me to borrow to bring to the lan probably halo 3 or gears of war 2 I bought gears of war 1 as in buying it it was for 30 bucks and my gears of war 2 is for some reason stuffing up now I can some games like assasians creed don't know how to spell also ghost recon 1,2 or 3 can't remember also got ninja gaiden 2 but that is all
    oh yeah I think ant1 is taking his pro game skills to act really high in games he needs a challenge and actully I think he is trying to make people think he is super super super super super super super super super super super super super pro when he is only super pro :laugh:
    hey um I think this should be solo ok


    that is who I can think of
    Hmmm ... so this is a long shot, but...

    I'm in Adelaide from right now through Thursday Feb. 26. I'm in the CBD area. I only know how to travel within the terraces (CBD) and to Glenelg. I don't have my own controller. So, if you:

    a) Want to play Melee between now and Thursday night
    b) Aren't working / going to school
    c) Have an extra controller I can use, and
    d) Live in Glenelg or Adelaide CBD (so I can get to you)

    ...then let me know and we'll play some Melee!! Hahahaha ... here's my cell:

    (04) 0670 6909

    P.S. Once I warm up, I'm pretty good.
    Yeah, I have WiFi, my code is:

    I'll add you on MSN and we can organize a match sometime.
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