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  • Ixis! Wasn't aware you were on the boards. Dunno if you remember me, I was in the UK around July last year, played you at a Meltdown using Ness. Anyway been keeping up to date with your tournament-goings and saw you were here and pretty much just wanted to say hi lawl. :)
    Excellent work on July's London Monthly! What do you feel made the difference this time around, a different playstyle? Were you on the most righteous of grooves?
    I haven't gotten around to commenting on your vids yet, but I promise I will soon! Been a busy week.
    Cool, I'll rewatch 'em after you post them and give you some comments. I had a bunch when I first saw them, but I've forgotten them all. XD
    You should put up your sets against Anaky, Aura, Kong, and L.Miller to the Bowser Video Thread.

    They're all very entertaining. :)
    I can't see my list, but I can recieve messages, I got your invite so I assume your on my list now. Send me a message.
    Ixis, can you attempt to add me? I deleted you, so it won't register me on your client now. Then I'll attempt to readd you.
    Okay update: I believe I have hopefully solved the problem. I can see my contacts again and I can see messages from others, so it looks like im in the clear at the moment.
    For the moment I can only assume it's the same server glitch which occured back when Windows Messenger 8.0 was released in it's beta stage, where I was forced to reinstall the client. I have tried that, but it has not worked for me, however, my client is not remembering certain settings I have been consistantly applying. All I can do is add people, but I cannot delete them, so what im going to attempt to do is access hotmails website and delete you manually to see if a connection can be established. If that fails, I am going to try MSN on a different computer/laptop or use a proxy to access the server.
    EDIT: Forgot, not allowed to say things like that anymore.

    It was really a general attempt to create a conversation. Not being able to talk to anyone is kind of a bummer :/
    Dam Ixis You Need To 100% Complete Games Cuz You Always Give Up And Never Play Them After The First Day DAYUM.
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