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Recent content by iSpiN

  1. iSpiN

    Guide Moveset Thread - WIP - Moveset update: %, frame data, etc. | On Hold

    Good find. Also, can I also get a pm for the sonic discord?
  2. iSpiN


    Probably want to add B-reversal to our lineup of things to learn. Shoutout to Espy for incorporating B-Reverse into his HA. Really helps offstage to bring you closer to the opponent for a Bair.
  3. iSpiN

    Sonic techs in Smash Ultimate

    This actually helped a lot! I found I can do this now without using c-stick at all (timing is easier with c-stick though). I will practice using A button though so I can go back to smash stick if I change back.
  4. iSpiN

    Sonic techs in Smash Ultimate

    I'm trying tilt stick again as I've been on the fence about it. Trying it now in training I still can't pull off the new spin shot.
  5. iSpiN

    Sonic.... sonic is kinda bad now

    Good ole' Espy. We still have good moves to work with. We just will need to play Sonic differently like every Smash thus far.
  6. iSpiN

    Sonic.... sonic is kinda bad now

    I would still consider Sonic better than a third of the cast from the game engine alone. Bair and Fsmash still kill fairly early. Homing Attack is amazing currently as a mixup tool. We still have combos, but it will be different. It's still better than Brawl Sonic.
  7. iSpiN

    Guide Moveset Thread - WIP - Moveset update: %, frame data, etc. | On Hold

    I'm also discouraged, but the best thing is Homing Attack is pretty awesome now in our kit. The best thing we can do is take advantage of everyone having a worse recovery and utilize the additional speed to our advantage.
  8. iSpiN

    Social "I'm a Black Belt, I have no fatigue" - Sonic Discussion Thread

    What is the timing for spin shot now?
  9. iSpiN

    Guide Moveset Thread - WIP - Moveset update: %, frame data, etc. | On Hold

    This is great news! Can anyone tell if Fsmash seems stronger than pre-nerfed smash4 or stronger? I'm leaning towards the latter.
  10. iSpiN

    Guide Moveset Thread - WIP - Moveset update: %, frame data, etc. | On Hold

    HA looks as a solid option curving around platforms. Did anyone confirm that Dair spike is still in?
  11. iSpiN

    Original the Character: Sonic Player Finder & Matchmaking!

    User name: iSpiN In-Game name: iSpiN (Wii U) Nintendo Network ID: iSpiNbro Skype: Nicholas Sanderson Country of Residence: US Palette Color: 7 Message: Old Sonic main from Brawl that just wants to be the best.
  12. iSpiN

    Data Moveset Thread - [COMPLETE]

    Came here to report this. I found this Monday and found to use it consistently by B-Sticking it. The distance you run before you SD seems to be a huge factor on the direction. I've come across multiple weird results such as extending Spin Slide and performing the dash SE while grabbing...
  13. iSpiN

    [Jun 7, 2015] S3 (Clarksville, TN)

    Yes, there will be pools.
  14. iSpiN

    [Jun 7, 2015] S3 (Clarksville, TN)

    S3 - The Super Smash Sunday Tournament Presnted by the Clarksville Smash Bros Legion of Tennessee Following our highly attended inaugural event, we are happy to announce our second tournament! This time, the rules more closely resemble tournament play, and there WILL be Melee! ALL-AGES...
  15. iSpiN

    Back from the Sonic Graveyard

    Sup Shaaaaaado!
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