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Recent content by illinialex24

  1. I

    I just got room banned.

    I just got room banned.
  2. I

    Just read it.

    Just read it.
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    Good, about to get banned lol.

    Good, about to get banned lol.
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    What Everyone Here Doesn't Need to Know

    I love that quote.
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    What Everyone Here Doesn't Need to Know

    http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=168890 Good day. Hi Almas :). If you ignore the last part this really isn't again site policy and is quite useful, preloader is very useful so you can autoboot stuff and go to HBC, remember that kids. So this thread isn't about backup loaders, just...
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    It Certainly Maeby

    Here's an interview you may like as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeFV5GprfaQ
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    My heart has been shattered

    Do what everyone does. Find a physical relationship and have fun. Then come back to her. Booyah, meaningless relationships that make you feel ****ty about yourself. Booyah [/sarcasm]. Chase her *****.
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    It Certainly Maeby

    Might?? Come on....
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    Smash Workshop Generic Q&A and FAQ (Don't Make a New Topic)

    Use the .tga's, those are the picture files.
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    Do Not Upgrade Your Wii Through Nintendo Ever

    They extract the files with it and likely the disc drive and refurbish it, maybe sell it lol.
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    It Certainly Maeby

    I know, I really want this movie.
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    I just got a free ticket to court. :D

    This made me really laugh lol.
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    Brawl+ channel : a nice way to run brawl+ from any support (disc, USB, SD)

    Apparently channel wad use Nintendo's code to be made almost all the time being packed using their ticket file so I would be careful, it can be made without infringing on their code.
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    Brawl+ WITHOUT HOMEBREW RELEASED! (Thanks Comex) (Video UP!)

    Oh yeah, its also part of the original download link lol. You don't need that, I contacted the people after they said I could only link through there, I said I'd remove it if I got confirmation, never heard back so its still up.
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