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  • Shield and wait for an aerial to roll away from/shine OOS to counter, jump away and look for an opening for an aerial or lasers.

    Shine OOS is good vs a close laser approach too.
    Fthrow sets up a guessing game, which *****, but Uthrow can lead to a shine or aerial sometimes, so I prefer that. Both are good.

    Haha it's fine. Be sure to watch the matches and see how each player deals with what we've talked about and that will help a lot.

    Falco dittos are majorly about laser control. When one Falco has lasers on the field, then the other has to shield and find a way to counter the approach or get his own lasers back out.

    Dair beats Nair and grab approaches, and shine OOS beats non-delayed Dair/Nair approaches.

    Also, make sure you make the most of your combos. Falcos can 0-death so easily in that matchup. Make sure you know the best ways to follow up/finish a combo.
    Don't be so modest my boy :laugh: You're also my favorite Falco. It's so much fun watching you play and getting off. Not only do you win, you're also an entertainer. High risk, high reward. Although the risk part doesn't apply to you :laugh:

    We need to discuss some kpop next smashfest :)
    Evan aka Igcoris aka SION FROM THE PHILIPPINES. I didn't know you like kpop :laugh:

    I showed a friend of mine your videos and you're basically his hero now.
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