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Recent content by HYRULESHERO42


    Super Nintendo Kart - How I'd Design the Pipedream

    Hmm needs more Mach Rider. Feels like a natural addition to me.

    Did Nintendo leave the traditional console market?

    No. Nintendo stopped competing with Sony and Microsoft when the Wii came out. They went their own way and forged a new path on their own. They certainly weren't forced to do anything by anyone.

    Let's imagine Smash Bros. spin off games

    I feel Mario Kart is making its way towards being Super Smash Brothers Kart. Link, Villager, Inkling, Isabelle are all present. Plus F-Zero has a kart and a track and ExciteBike has a track. I feel I'm forgetting others

    Nintendo's worst mistakes.

    Not sure if this is a 'worst mistake' but they shouldn't have stopped doing the Original Nintendo Seal of Quality. Would've definitely limited the amount of shovel ware the Wii had. I do wish Nintendo would've bought Rareware back in the day just so the IPs would be 1st party. Banjo...

    Nintendo What If?

    Could you imagine is Nintendo restarted their toy making endeavors? Every game release would feature a two pronged marketing campaign for not only the game but the adjacent toyline. Like amiibos on steroids

    Regional Exclusive Experiences

    There have been many Nintendo games that never saw a worldwide release. Some exclusive to Japan, some exclusive to the US, some released in PAL regions, or a mix of the three. Only recently have exclusive titles become more readily available, through legitimate means, worldwide allowing...

    Official Next Smash - Speculation & Discussion Thread

    I wanted to reply to this earlier but had double post fears. I 100% agree, I also think Kameo - Elements of Power and Grabbed by the Ghoulies would’ve shined much brighter on the GameCube as well

    Official Next Smash - Speculation & Discussion Thread

    Because it’s Nintendo’s celebration of gaming. They couldn’t (and shouldn’t) give two craps about other/rival companies’ achievements. If you ask me, Smash shouldn’t be about all of gaming as a whole. It’s about Nintendo.

    Official Next Smash - Speculation & Discussion Thread

    It's a Nintendo game... it should be dominated by Nintendo stuff - why would they make a game and shaft their own properties and history? I don't buy and play smash for the hopes of weird 3rd party dlc additions. I want to play as Link and as Olimar and as Little Mac and it turns out as...

    Greninja and Sheik are redundant. Palutena and Zelda have the same problem.

    Ok you excuse clones and echos but are rallying against unique fighters who happen to share themes…

    Silliest things in the game?

    Incineroar’s showboating/posing whenever he lands a move. He’s the only one who plays to the crowd that’s been changing for fighters since the before times

    Greninja and Sheik are redundant. Palutena and Zelda have the same problem.

    Wait a minute - since when has Bowser been a wrestler? Because of his side B body slam? That makes him a wrestler? How do you list the comparisons you did without listing how we have essentially 4 Marths?

    Official Next Smash - Speculation & Discussion Thread

    They should remake/remaster Star Fox 2 to cement it in canon and offer more exposure to the new characters. Then we can start debating new Star Fox characters for Smash. As things stand now, not looking good for the franchise as a whole

    Official Next Smash - Speculation & Discussion Thread

    Jeez Louise are we still talking about relevance in regards to characters?

    Advance Wars General Thread

    Possible April 8, 2022 release according to Nintendo UK website
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