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  • Hey HugS, try to go to the Smash of Ages II! I'm going to be playing Smash 3DS.
    Sup HugS its me from Smash of Ages(we played PM and Melee) I just wanna say hi and hopefully we can play again sometime!
    Hey, what do you think about the falcon vs samus matchup?
    The newest chart say slight disadvantage for samus, but other charts go as far as 7-3 falcon. Thoughts?
    hey hugs, i'm a samus from venezuela, one of the best i believe(not the best though :p not yet xD) i'm a big fan of yours, been watching a few of your matches, and wow you are amaizing, love your mindgames, i hope i can learn a lot from you =]
    hope you are doing good and still kicking *** with the great samus aran. peace.
    Hugs, I am an humble spanish Samus player, and I would be great to learn of you

    My messenger is surrealista_a_tope@hotmail.com, I hope you can teach me ^^
    >=o i dont live in southern california anymore, but give me a PM and we'll play a wifi match someday.
    Hey just a quick question for you, when you wavedash in and out of shield, do you use only the L button? or you use both L and R?
    yo, dude, if we do drive up for axis, do you knaow anyone that'll house our sorry *****?
    HUGS! My hero! lol, what's your friend code man? I promise I won't record any matches because Brawl can be gay. Mine's 0989-3126-1602.
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