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  • thats cool man. it hard to play together. u got ur gf i got my gf. i usually hang out with her on the weekends so yeah.. we would have to smash on the weekday. i can pick u up on weekdays though. i have license
    ugh dealing with the hd tv is a *****. when u vs me on the standard ur going to get ***** until u adjust
    no really... i have been lazy and my wii is down stairs and **** soo i dont want to play as much at times.. but i def going to study dashizwiz's falco and work my own off of his. he is a beast
    iunno man, im alright
    good **** sticking with melee =D
    should get some more vids up , i wanna check'em out =]
    lol ye a lot of my friends quit melee or play both but more brawl or something =/
    goin to stos's for the weekend for a lot of practice XD
    Yeah Youtube would probably be best...But one interesting fact about me....I have dial up.... ;__;

    And GIMP is a simple photo minipulation software that's noob friendly. lol

    Well thanks for your help. I'll probably just download photoshop and experiment from there. :]
    If you could show me that'll be awesome! :D lol.

    I use a software called "GIMP". To make my Avatars/Banners. But I can't never make anything that good.
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