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  • Best of luck with that hiatus. I'll finish that conversation whenever you get back. Stick with it until you're straightened out.
    Ok then. Currently there isn't a game I'd like to join right now. I'll let you know if any new games interest me.

    You can also let me know if a game interests you as well.
    Ok then. I'll start making it, and let me know when you want to join a game. Currently I'm only in one now so I can fit into one more.
    Alright glad it was only two days bro. Sucks to be in that position.

    Did you like the Hydra name + avatar? (The name I got from some OHKO song hehe, not entirely related but I think it can work)
    I hear you said you might be facing the difficulty of being homeless. If you ever want to, you can talk to me about it. I have been homeless before, so I think I might be able to give ya some vocal support if you need some. Anyways, I'll let you know of a upcoming setup and ask if you are open to it. For Hydra name, possibly Acromaru or something creative.
    Acrostic, recommend a game I should play. It needs to have a great soundtrack and a great story line. Game play comes secondary to previously established criterion. Preferably on an emulator because #brokecollegestudentproblems

    Also, what have you been up to? Haven't spoken to you in a good minute.
    Aced my last two Chem tests. Things are finally looking up.
    #HBC | Acrostic
    #HBC | Acrostic
    #HBC | Acrostic
    I did the same thing when I started doing bad in Orgo. I locked my laptop up in a desk drawer. I was also extremely depressed without me even knowing it. I ended up pissing people off on the boards I frequented on purpose so I felt ashamed to log back in and spent the time instead studying.
    Laziness: Be as lazy as you want to be. Yet you have the freedom to do as much as you want as well. Bouncing ideas with you once in a while would be awesome though.

    This didn't fit in the last post haha.
    Setup: I would prefer a small.
    When: In the near future, either when one of my current games fizzle out, or the summer. (I'm trying to take less of a load)
    Where: Any IM, quicktopic, even phone if you want. I'd post alot in the hydra qt, but would always be available for talking on aim/skype etc. I have a prepaid phone, so the occasional text is kool too, since I love talking about mafia. Even while texting. :D
    Hey baby I forgot to ask you oh so long ago...

    What happened with Apex? Weren't you going to go?
    #HBC | Acrostic
    #HBC | Acrostic
    I ended up not going. I don't remember why. But I was going to carpool if needed.
    Hello Acrostic. You + Me = Hydra? Yes/No? I know you don't like my posting style/personality as it may be annoying to you, but maybe it could be fun. Also, I don't think I post as much as I did in Ryker Mafia. Maybe I post less. Dunno why. But yeah. (Don't know if there is a way to check for posts with this new setup)

    If not, we can always just talk about mafia. I like doing that. :D
    Something like that. It's nothing as honorable as setting my priorities straight, but rather that staying in one place for too long inhibits the potential of the organism, or at least that's what I believe. Idling in the same territory for too long won't yield substantial growth, but meeting new people and being exposed to new material will. That isn't to say that I don't have more to learn from the DGames community, which is filled with a lot of smart people, but rather that I've taken a lot from them already and I can't be bothered to continue crossing words with people whom I've exchanged ideas with nearly ad nauseum. Plus, I need more new content, and dealing with the same ol' same ol' just grinds my gears.

    And for the record, I don't think "criticizing corruption" is inherently wrong in any aspect, ergo I don't really see your "opinion" as an opinion, but rather I see it as a truth about the world and subsequently an entirely legitimate perspective. And another thing: your opinion isn't "low" or "high," but a perspective that I feel is correct in its analysis. In the end, I suppose that's what makes the difference between a "low" opinion and a "high" one, but even the low ones harbor a degree of truth, just in smaller doses I suppose.
    Acrostic, you're one of the only reasons why I visit Smashboards at this point.

    It's a shame you're not some kind of portable device. Like, a Pokedex, except it would be an Acrostidex, and it would tell me everything I would ever need to know about corruption in the education system alongside all the other shiz locked within the Acrostian puzzle.
    Hey, I read your goal posts, you shouldn't have deleted zem. Sometimes I just don't know how to respond and stuff, or it takes me a minute.

    I was mostly curious because you seem like a smart dooder, and I like reading people's thought processes and understanding what makes them tick.


    Blood transfusionist sounds pretty cool. Your lifestyle reminds me of mine in that I'm kinda putting up a front for my parents until I can fly out of the nest. It's basically a sink or swim and once they push me out, hopefully I'll be able to swim.
    Sorry yo, I've been doing only quick hits on SWF and haven't gotten around to reading the second part of the law school scam shindig.

    Either way, you got me curious; if said law school scam is prevalent and is definitely a scam, why hasn't it been dealt with yet? What's the big hold up?
    but part of that could be that horriblesubs actually does it and not FRIGGIN GGSUBS

    ugh traumatized
    It's part of making an union. Can't leave the liability out after they're already in.

    Also, new season of Jormungand is considerably better than the previous one imo.
    I was asking if S3 was the last.
    Didnt even watch S2.

    Kicking Greece out would be really controversial. You can't create an union and then start kicking people out. You need to keep working together. How else can you build trust? If you know that you might just be kicked out when things go bad, there won't be any of it.

    but yeah greece ****ed up and stuff, but I'm not even talking economical. Less social issues and generally less *********** outside of the US.
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