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Thanks @splat

~Food, glorious food. I'm anxious to try it.~ It was Zinith, who then pranced into the crowd of freaks, Still singing and dancing as they advanced upon him. ~Three banquets a day! my favorite diet! The freaks were even closer now, and they were ready to pounce! ~Just picture a Freaker steak, fried, roasted or stewed! Oh, food wonderful food, marvelous food, glorious food!~ He ate the small crowd that was surrounding him, and moved onto the rest. ~Food glorious food! Poached freaker served flambe. Broth made from his mom, or Freddie filled souffle!~ The only thing that stopped the singing was his own tongue, cracking like a whip at every freak who crossed his path. ~Why should I be fated to do nothing but brood on food magical food, wonderful food, glorious food!~ The rest of the guys just kinda stared at him, not out of fear or respect, mostly intrigue. How is this guy fighting, eating, and singing?
~Food glorious food, i'll pick off the dead ones. Go ahead and be rude, soon i'll be the fed one!~ He nimbly dodged and jumped over the remaining crazed Freakers lunging at him, who knew exactly what was going on and were desperate to avoid their fates. ~Just thinking of raw red meat, puts me in the mood for food glorious food, marvelous food, fabulous food, beautiful food!~ He caught the last Freaker's fist, and stared and stared him in the eyes. ~magical fooood! Glorious FOOOOD!~ And with that, no Freakers remained.


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