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    Team Secret Picks up SilentWolf

    Team Secret hopes SilentWolf getting 4 stocked at EVO will stay a secret. congrats silentwolf!
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    OFFICIAL Waifu Tier List

    Yes, Lucina deserves to be in the slums.
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    The 64 Story: Genesis 3 (Day 1)

    Where's 1-63? ;)
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    Hungrybox wins Battle of the Five Gods -- Full Results and Payouts

    America didn't invite him. aka visa issues
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    [Source Gaming] Sakurai Discusses DLC Development

    This comment is for all the rejected characters. sorta. Be hopeful for next time!
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    aMSa to Release Book Titled "Path of a Pro Smash Player"

    Maybe you can also put it next to chillindude's book, 'Path to My B'.
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    aMSa to Release Book Titled "Path of a Pro Smash Player"

    Now I hope Mango releases a book named 'Path to a Buster'.
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    "Smash 3" - A Brawl Documentary

    I hope production doesn't 'trip' all over the place. ;) hehe Joking aside, I'm glad that this is being created so Brawl does have some representation in the Smash community and why it shouldn't be mindlessly hated.
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    Official Week 16: Smash Short Submissions Thread - DEADLINE: 2/?/16

    Link: Play Starts at: 0:12 Play Ends at: 0:28 Tag: Globe Contact: Region: Hampton Bays, New York, United States of America and another one.
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    EVO 2016 Game Lineup Announced! MELEE & SMASH 4 CONFIRMED!

    Hopefully both make it although if one doesn't, getting wise words from Esam.
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    SmashPad Official Launch Trailer

    press f to pay respect for those with a Windows Phone. f
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    Armada Wins Melee Singles At Genesis 3! (Top 8 Recap)

    Mango where was this performance in 2015? Damn what a great top 8! besides Axe vs Hungrybox
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    TSM | ZeRo Wins Smash 4 Singles At Genesis 3! (Top 8 Recap)

    Man great **** to everyone! Dabuz playing out of his mind with Zero, Nairo,VoiD and Ranai! Also Ranai my boy, almost bringing it home for Japan. Japan would of won all the Smash 4 events if that happened lol. I forgot who made this artwork, but great stuff for the team who won and Japan in...
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    Teamfight: Smash 4 Crew Battles At Genesis 3

    I'd rather have USA vs The World. That would bring the most hype.
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    Europe: A Contintent Of Threats At Genesis 3

    bruh the USA Government is boding Leffen right now. sadbois
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