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  • I'll be your partner.

    I play Marth, DDD and Pit

    We played on AiB ladder once, and it was a close match, you won, and then I had to leave to see my girlfriend, I don't know if you remember LOL

    my tag on AiB is Professor Lupin
    kk, i main mk in teams, rob and mk is nasty. ill be the white kid lookin ghetto, prolly will be wearin a NY hat
    we are teaming sorry about that argument cause i thought you were gonna blow me off when you said that but yea we are teaming
    Actually I might attend to more tournaments in the future though so I'll most def take you up on that offer if it comes.
    Haha its chill man, I'm only looking for a doubles partner for this tournament, after this I think I'm teaming with Galuuda again permanently (unless some other mishap happens) he just can't go to this one. It's alright though man good luck with Otru.
    Hey what time are you going to be at Gigabits? It'd be nice to get as much friendlies as possible before doubles start.
    I'm not sure what kind of team name we're gonna have for Gigs lol I'm trying to think of something. Got any ideas? I think I'll be learning MK and practicing some more of Snake also just in case we get ****ed in a certain matchup.
    Hey! I suddenly don't think I can make gigs because I have a family reunion on the 25th and I have to be there. Sorry that I have to bail out on you like this. Perhaps we can team up at the next gigs because I have to miss this one for family. Good luck partner hunting and I call downs on teaming with ya at the next gigs!
    Ah, it's cool. I've been taking a break too, girlfriend johns. Haven't been to a tourney since that one Gigs. I was disappointed in November's results though. I'll try to make it at least once before I go to Panama City for winter break, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to due to being ***** by papers and exams.

    I'm not very into smash right now, I play some casual Melee and Brawl but I'm a bit rusty now that I'm taking a break from competing. I'm down for just chilling or even playing something other than smash.

    Hey, it's Kagesekan/Orfn. I actually got out of class early last night and tonight and didn't see you in the game room. What time do you guys stop by?
    Monday is a late night too, forgot to mention that...well, I can figure something out. About what time will you be there?

    No tourney's till January at soonest, girlfriend johns.
    About what time? Usually Tuesday and Thursday nights are bad for me because I have night classes. And you guys aren't that bad, I can help your ROB if you want.

    And same. Btw, nothing has made me actually lough at loud for real like that comment. Thanks. You're pretty normal too, I expected you to be as strange as everyone else
    you should definitely come to the game room again sometime soon, or even to gmoney's dorm. I need to play some nonscrubs
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