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  • I live in brown deer on the North side. Ill drive tho if you wanna play some melee sometime.
    Hey man, didn't really get to meet you at the Madison tourny but you seem pretty cool. Hope we can game sometime.
    if you have aim and you wanna play some games some day my handle is:
    (that's a zero)

    or my brother on yahoo messanger:


    or here's my myspace.. if you have one
    my brother told me you live in milwaukee
    Hey Folk. I actually don't live in Milwaukee anymore, so trying to find me there won't really help. I live in Whitewater which is about an hour west of Racine, and spend some weekends in Racine. You're welcome to try and play me some days I'm in Racine. Next time I'll be in town is the weekend of Webster's tournament, the 18th-20th. You can try to find me then or you can always drive out to whitewater for the day :)

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