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Recent content by folk!

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    Sf/Bay Area melee?

    Hey all It’s been some time since I’ve posted on the boards. I’ve been living in San Francisco/Bay area for a while now. I haven’t been to the foundry in a long time (not that I went much)...basically I have no idea what’s going on in the area these days. Anyone playing melee? Hosting...
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    smash fest in sf?

    Yo! I've been living in sf for a year now. I've been to folsom a few times but can't make it that much. Does any one hold smash fests in the city?
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    WI Thread

    does anyone play smash in milwaukee?
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    WI Thread

    yo! u livin in milwaukee now quaz? r there any others smashers in the mil?
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    same boat i may not be coming anymore, cuz im roadtripin to austin on the 19th possibly:(:) looks like i may miss one hell of a tourney.
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    Getting Back Into Melee; Playing Marth

    i feel id be so much better at melee if i could take off u-tilt jump. when ever i try uair i usually use my second jump. how do most peeps get passed this?
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    M.A.S: "LEET CEREAL!!!" 01/02/10 Winthrop Harbor, IL (PRACTICE BEFORE P4 AND A.S.C)

    need a low tier partner! il go mostly ike maybe a lil puff.
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    M.A.S: "LEET CEREAL!!!" 01/02/10 Winthrop Harbor, IL (PRACTICE BEFORE P4 AND A.S.C)

    i need a low tier teammate. ike legal?
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    12/5/09 MOST ANGRIEST SHINOBI (M.A.S.) : Broken Chairs Edition - RESULTS!

    thats cuz they could be brawl plus. on regular brawl brawl+ relays r all crazy and do random stuff, and vise versa.(regular replays look all crazy on b+). if u have any captan falcon vs sonics there me and frank. shout outs later.
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    M.A.S: Holiday "BROKEN" Chairs!!! 12/5/09 Winthrop Harbor, IL

    ^holla at quaz or zack152...
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    M.A.S: "LEET CEREAL!!!" 01/02/10 Winthrop Harbor, IL (PRACTICE BEFORE P4 AND A.S.C)

    would that include sonic and fox, cuz they would **** as well.
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    (Mostly Brawl lol) Waukesha Smash Bros Tourney II (WSBT2) RESULTS

    **** i forgot about this. i kinda wanted to come:(
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    Wisconsin Official Brawl Power Rankings!!

    i would like to see this as well.
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