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  • DOTA games keep you committed to the computer screen for 1.5 hours +... the longest a set of Brawl could EVER take is 1 hour and 20 minutes... and mine usually take less b/c I don't aircamp ;)
    Hrm... seems like it could work, I'll try my best to give advice.

    I liked DOTA and was pretty **** good at it... but I stopped playing because the rounds take way too much time to finish.
    My lady friends are for myself... and most of them don't know I "compete" at video games :p

    I just don't like having weird phone entries like "Danny Wario" or "Danny Brawl" lol.

    Besides, I'd steal Bwett's identity before yours. He's cool.
    The best way to contact them is through DugFinn usually, or Xyro wouldn't be a bad bet either.

    EDIT: Unfortunately not always the ladies I want D:
    Why are you giving chick advice, lol. I know how to talk to girls... just as well as any other person. I'm pretty sociable.
    Ah, was it Bwamp that said you're as good as me? Yeah, I was severely lacking in ROB experience at the time. I've beaten some pretty beasty ROBs nowadays (Light, Sudai, Chibo)... it's nice to learn matchups. I think it might also just have to do with me becoming a better player on the whole. I'm still not stellar, I'm just really really really good at landing farts, and/or shenanigans.

    If you've gotten amazing, props to you. Just make sure that you don't become stagnant b/c you've surpassed your idol or whatever it was that I was XD

    P.S. If she's pretty I don't know that yet.

    EDIT: P.P.S Getting pummeled a lot is better than dying.
    Who are you talking about in that long one right before this? (You gotta make sure that you post your replies in other people's walls or they don't get notified, lol). I can't tell you if I beat a person without knowing who that was... or how long ago we played, etc.

    Oh, and if you're having trouble guaranteeing ground break by flicking the sticks down, just don't press anything whatsoever, and you'll always break on the ground.
    Blah, for some reason we played 3 out of five for first round. 2 stocked, 1 stocked, then 1 stock high percent. Fought through everyone all the way to grand finals and beat his Diddy twice, I think 2 stock second time. Then he woke up and beat me back 3 games with Snake. I suck =(. Funny thing though Phantom, he said I am almost as good as you. That can't be true though because you actually beat him right?
    haven't gotten to really practice with it since sunday but ive been playing computer CFs for a whiles since i lost to one ;.;
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