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  • Hey DRaGZ, I'm working on a HUGE petition for the pro-ban side. The point is to combine all of the information we have in one spot to prove our point. So far, I've been receiving help from da KID and Aturrito. I plan on circulating it through the main pro-ban members. So far, we have a heck of a lot of evidence, like 7 full pages of Microsoft Word worth. It includes significant quotes, rebuttals of the anti-ban side, and the like. If you want to take a look at it, just tell me and I'll PM it or something like that. Just thought I'd ask you first before sending a 7 page report. We still have a lot of stuff to add, such as more match-up analysis. But I'd like to get your opinions on it so far. And if you could help out with some match-ups and such, that'd be awesome too.
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