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  • -I wouldn't Firebreath too often versus MK. I only sparingly do it to bait Nado.

    -You could have grabbed MK after your fair at :19. Bowser has guaranteed fair out of AR on MK, so that would've been free damage.

    -You should follow up your Klaw with fair or upair more. Just read their DI.

    -Don't empty fullhop against MK. Empty shorthops are good for baiting MK, but empty fullhops are risky and are just asking to get juggled.

    -You generally shouldn't spotdodge as Bowser. It's bad, and in almost all situations Fortress is a much better option.

    -Nado around 1:05 should've been Fortressed.

    -Good job with your reverse ftilts. A lot of people forget Bowser can do that.

    -Should've Fortressed at 1:45 instead of dash grab.

    -Should've Fortressed after the PS at 2:08 instead of spotdodging. A PS should almost ALWAYS mean a free Fortress if your opponent is near you.

    -Nado is beaten by uptilt, dair, nair, Fortress, Klaw, and Bowser Bomb at different angles and depending on how long Nado has been going on for. Our airdodge is balls anyway, so you might as well throw out an attack if you're about to be caught in midair. Ask Dojo/DPhat, lol. If Nado is coming at you from the ground, just shield and Fortress if MK ends up near you. Klaw if he lands away. Do this once and MKs will buffer spotdodge usually after they get over their ending lag--this is a great chance to upsmash/fsmash/pivot grab.

    -I wanna see more jab out of you! It's safer on block than ftilt and is VERY important in this MU.
    I approve of the fsmash.

    I'll give you a full analysis tomorrow. Hitting the sack now.
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