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Recent content by Desu~

  1. Desu~

    How do i beat the puff???

    I honestly don't get your reasoning. First of, why would a Puff player be in the air just to try and land Rest just like that? Rest is mostly used after a follow-up, like uair > rest or when you are sure to land it through tech chase or sing > rest. Second point, you mean to suggest that...
  2. Desu~

    How do i beat the puff???

    My guess was that it's good for lucas to be below Puff only because Uair is, like all his other aerials, pretty good and is a kill move when close to 100% iirc. And it's easy to spam too.
  3. Desu~

    "A Bad Smash Day..."- Conker for Ultimate!

    Can we have the old voice actor to do that too please thank you Mashpotato Samurai.
  4. Desu~

    Best Puff alt?

    Can confirm that you're not messing around when you have the straw hat alt.
  5. Desu~

    How do i beat the puff???

    But Puff has horrendous knockback on early % and moves don't come out as fast as other characters, meaning it can be telegraphed and further encourage them to play a campy playstyle. Up-Bs are generally buffed on most characters so gimping is not so easy as Puff. Only people who spams double...
  6. Desu~

    Advice on dealing with Ganon?

    Well, Ganon likes pressing big buttons. If you challenge him in neutral you're just gonna get doriyah'd at 30-ish%. Just do stuff like falling Fair into grabs and hope he messes up so you can gimp him. Bair is not good against him cuz stuff like his Nair and Uair hits at like frame 4 or 5. He's...
  7. Desu~

    Advice on dealing with Ganon?

    Don't get hit.
  8. Desu~

    Most effective combo to rest/sleep

    I think it's important that people needs to be careful when they go for uair into rest, since people can actually DI the Uair and mess up your rest opportunity. As a side note, yes, bait and punish is a staple for Jiggs but current combos are imperative if you want maximum performance as Jiggs...
  9. Desu~

    What do you think of Jigglypuff VS Samus?

    Well with the projectile nerf you can always discourage camping and force samus to go close combat... except they usually don't bend that much online.
  10. Desu~

    Kill Percentages Of Rest On Various Stages (Made Easier)

    Ahhh don't worry about it. But it looks like the bait and punish style is the only way of dealing with tougher characters anyways, so strings or combos is definitively not the way to go.
  11. Desu~

    Kill Percentages Of Rest On Various Stages (Made Easier)

    Thanks for the details about % and all, really appreciated. Two questions on my mind: 1. Does this include the Uair starter from any combos/setup? 2. If it's about that, are there any chances about that setup not being true anymore because opponent DIs in a particular way? Example being: -...
  12. Desu~

    Take Number 5 - the singing Pokemon takes stage! Jigglypuff Discussion

    Yeah, it's not like we needed something that could help us with the ever-present sword characters' high priority moves or green dudes with potential touch of death combos.
  13. Desu~

    How do i beat the puff???

    As much as I know how you want advice, I simply can't understand how you struggle against Puff even though you play a character like Lucas. First of all, Lucas is one of the many characters that can easily shut down a Puff. Your aerials literally beats any of ours. The Fair you said you...
  14. Desu~

    Take Number 5 - the singing Pokemon takes stage! Jigglypuff Discussion

    Man, is Puff so bad that this whole board is dead already?
  15. Desu~

    About that Up-B

    Yeah, cool beans. Anybody more relevant than that guy?
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