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    What secondary should I choose (Pika Main)

    Pikachus bad and/or quite difficult matchups imo are: Ness Lucas Mario GnW Mewtwo I also struggle vs Corrin and sometimes Yoshi. Cloud wins all those matchups (not sure about Corrin), is easy to play and doesnt struggle to kill like Pikachu can. Cloud is the best secondary imo!
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    RAR Thunder - Is it possible?

    So that post that "disproved" that its kill confirm, if I remember correctly, only confirmed that its only true IF you have something like 80% rage. That is off pure memory though so might be wrong. If they can airdodge straight out of it then you can just mix it up and delay the thunder a...
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    Cloud vs Pikachu MU

    Cloud vs Pika is probably 50/50. Cloud can completely outrange pika, stop his QA, wall Pika out and kill Pika very early. The obvious disadavantage is Pika can edgeguard Cloud quite well. Its a very polarizing match up - Pika can get super early kills on Cloud but Cloud can do the same. In my...
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    Specific Characters Match-up: Pikachu vs Lucario

    Why can't you gimp him? His recovery is very gimp-able.
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    Important Bidou Tech

    Wow...I labbed PW for 5 mins and Im impressed. Its basically a super perfect pivot. You travel further and the only difference is you HAVE to fully turnaround your character. Its a PP turn around with more distance. Off the bat it seems PW is a very strong option for approaching, whereas PP is...
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    Important Bidou Tech

    That is an awesome discovery - need to lab this when I get the chance. I made a post about this: Is that what you were talking about?
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    Saw you mention a few times that with Bidou + tap jump on, holding the R-stick (C-stick I guess...

    Saw you mention a few times that with Bidou + tap jump on, holding the R-stick (C-stick I guess you mean?) cancels full-hop to short-hop, but that does not happen with me. Also, how do you keep the C-stick held and press all the other buttons without some sort of claw/strange grip?
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    Meta Exploring DI mixups, RARing, crossups, pivots, "advanced" move usage

    If you DI towards Pikachu when he down-throws then its a guaranteed thunder at nearly every percent. If you notice someone keeps DI'ing left/right from the up-throw thunder combo you can use that to your advantage and get the down-throw -> thunder combo guaranteed if you grab them while facing...
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    Pikachu and Bidou

    The main disadvantages are tilts are slightly harder to do (but this is quite easy to adjust to to be honest, but be prepared for an adjustment period) and short hop up air is harder to do. Doing SHAC Dairs is super easy by just sliding your finger from y->a (same as FAIR), but with uair this...
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    Important Bidou Tech

    Why do you let go of the shoulder special button everytime you jump? Isn't better to just ALWAYS have it held down and when you want to do a special just let go and press again?
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    Important Bidou Tech

    The reason no big smashers are using it is 1. It sucks or 2. Your skill level will drop for potentially weeks or months which big smashers cannot afford to do or just dont want to do it. That is multiple missed tournaments and lots of effort sinked in just for something that has not be proven to...
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    Important Bidou Tech

    How do you short hop uair fast fall without upsmashing using this control scheme? Seems pretty hard without dual sticking.
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    Secondary Character

    I feel like Rosalina is the best secondary, especially after the latest patch. She has a good matchup vs mario and ness - pikas two worst match ups.
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    Dealing with Counter

    If you space the fair properly then your opponent cannot punish you - even if they are facing you. Not even shiek or mario can punish you after the shield hitstun patch! Its a good way to bait your opponent to use a grab or another attack which you can then punish.
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    Specific Characters Match-up: Pikachu vs Mario

    I find this matchup super hard. He seems to be just that bit better with aerials, jabs and tilts in terms of frame data and effectiveness, and his smashes seem to come out just that bit faster with way better kill potential (although our fsmash range is something he doesnt really match). Also...
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