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  • I don't think I gave you that address. That's the address I gave you to have that mail sent to. You said your parents couldn't get it or something along those lines.

    As far as your controller and ****, he does have a message machine, and you have to leave a message or they won't pick up. He usually isn't awake before noon, and leaves his house very infrequently. I'd go around 1:30 to catch him. And ask his mom where he's at. He goes to his dad's on the weekends though, so monday through thursday is your best bet.
    Dude. Thats the address you gave me. I pretty much knew it was wrong, but it was on the way to the airport anyways.

    He wasnt there and doesnt have a message machine. I will call him later and try to get him to COD it to me.
    Dude, you are absolutely ********. did you not realize when you were passing walmart you were going the complete wrong direction!?!?!

    **** *****. He's over behind n. city market. You take your first right after the bridge, follow that road until you reach a big hill that's simultaneously being a fork in the road. Go up the hill, take your first left, go to FORD, and he's the last house on the right before the apartments. You went like 22 miles the wrong direction.

    Better luck, 9702592843. That's how you reach him. So stop sucking already.
    Dude... You gave me the wrong address.... 23 Twin pines lane? 80303? Nobody that lives there even owns a wii. And the kid that lives there is 13..... Please get me his phone number.
    Tell Casey to be at his place tomorrow morning, or at least to leave his door unlocked.... I am on my way to the airport and will have a ride by then.
    Yes. Go over there, knock on the ****ing door, and ask for it. If he's not there, then somehow call him. His full name is Casey Dunnigan, so look in a phone book.
    Too bad I was gone. I would have taken all your guy's prizes without even sweating. Would've been nice, but I played with the big boys in Houston instead.
    Ya... im right there with you on the front of lack of money.... does he keep his house locked?
    When my dad comes to pick me up, I would like to be able to go get to grab my stuff.... (ill go grab my stuff)

    And is that the same address you gave me before?

    Anyways, aside from me now having B+ working, I just won my first tournament... 100$ all mine.
    I tried to call you, but ya....

    TextbookNinja was there. So was mantien, Andy, pug, and all those people.
    I have never played so well in my life.... I did everything with DK. I fracken ken comboed with DK..... When Martien knocked me into the losers bracket, I started punching the floor.
    When I came back and beat him 5 times in a row to come back for the win, we shook hands.... hard.... while screaming into eachothers faces.

    It was intense.
    Can't dude. I'm in AZ for a minute. The Casey dude has your **** at his house. His number is currently uknown but I'll hit you up.

    Sorry my phone is running on no money for a second. I gotta pay my bill all bad.
    303 590 8943.... Dude. Flipen call me. We need to play B+ and I will give it to you. And I need my Wave Bird. And a brawl Disc.... and I need it before the week is done..... And your cell phone does not work anymore.

    But neither does mine.... so just contact me here. or on my profile. or on the durango thread. or something....
    No. I turn 19 in May dude. I'm getting ready to take my 1kyuu/2kyuu in december so I can apply for some colleges in Japan. I'm aiming for Tokyo U.
    Some other links.
    http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=213744 (basic info)
    http://www.gamesurge.net/chat/BrawlPlus (Chat. Ask anything here... Cape and others frequent here. There are roumors of Gimpy joining up)
    http://www.youtube.com/results?search_type=&search_query=brawl%2B+combo&aq=f (4.0 is the current version)

    Brawl+ Plussery Official Set 4.0 Codes in effect:
    - Hitstun changed from Brawl Default 0.48 to 0.4865
    - Aerial Lag Reduction (ALR)
    -Most characters reduced to 50%
    -Captain Falcon reduced to 40%
    -Ivysaur reduced to 30%
    -Link reduced to 35%
    - Characters individual Short Hop, Full Hop, Fast–Fall, Down Gravity and Normal Gravity have been optimized (See chart below)
    - Characters retain momentum when performing a running jump (see chart below)
    - Individual Move Knockback, Knockback Growth, Damage, Damage Type, and Launch angle have been modified (see below)
    - Individual move frame speeds have been modified (see chart below)
    - Brawls teching system changed from distance to frame window: Tech window = 15 frames
    - Handicap no longer gives handicap, the value/10 equals your buffer frame window
    - Lagless Ledges (Constant 40800000)
    - Dash Dancing window has been improved
    - You can now Cancel a dash with a crouch
    - You can now shield during a dash dance
    - Shieldstun follows New Stun=(10*OLDSTUN+20)/5
    - Pokémon Trainer has Infinite Stamina and Pokemon no longer swap on death
    - Hold Shield to Swap Pokemon after death
    - Hitlag Modifier: NewHitLag=.7*OldHitlag
    - Electric Hitlag set to 1.0
    - Techrolls sped up 1.3x
    - No Autosweetspot Ledges during up B's
    - No Stale Moves
    - No Random Tripping
    - No C-Stick Fastfalls
    - Reversed levels (i.e. stage hazards / changes have been removed):
    -Pokémon Stadium 2
    - Luigi's mansion is now loaded without the mansion
    - Triple Jump Glitch is fixed
    - 2 Frame Powershield window instead of Brawls default of 4
    - Default Settings now set to 4 stock, team attack on, 8min
    - Nametags are now saved in replays
    - Infinite length replays
    - Custom Character Select Screen

    -Hitbox Code v1.1(BKB = Base Knockback, KBG=Knockback Gain)
    -Falcon: Reversable Knee
    -Falcon Raptor boost BKB set to 86, KBG set to 43
    -Jiggs: Rest BKB@118 from 100, Dmg Increased to 25, KBG to 50, 45 angle, fire
    -Sheik Ftilt: KBG@21 BKB@63 base (Orig: KBG@100 BKB: 20)
    -Sheik Fair BKB 0 from 0, KBG 135 from 108
    -Links Up+B First hitbox boosted BKB from 72 to 85
    -Link Up+B Semi spike angle changed from 269 to 16 for 2nd and 3rd hitbox and 4th hitbox
    -Link Dtilt will now always spike at 64 BKB from 90
    -Link Fsmash angle at 25 from 361
    -Samus Fsmash now provides KBG@90 and BKB@56 from KBG@100 BKB@20
    -Samus nair (first hit), BKB to 22 from 10, KBG to 120 from 80
    -Samus Super missile – BKB 40 from 40, KBG 80 from 65, DMG 15 from 10, angle 40 from 55
    -Samus Chargeshot KBG 70 from 56, BKB 32 from 31
    -MK Downsmash both hitboxes KBG changed to 80 from 93, BKB changed to 30 from 40
    -MK Shuttle Loop BKB 55 and KBG 100, from 90 and 60
    -MK Fair outer hitbox on 1st and 2nd swipe now does nothing
    -Snake third jab BKB 45 and KBG 95, original growth 115, original base 60
    -Bowser Fsmash final hitbox BKB 50 and KBG 90 and fire, original growth 81, BKB 22
    -Bowser Bair angle decreased to 20 from 35
    -Squirtle Utilt BKB increased to 40 from 31
    -Lucario utilt BKB increased to 50 from 43
    -ROB utilt tweaked slightly to remove an infinite
    -ROB (trap hitbox) fixed to remove infinite
    -Ganon Up B (first hitbox) set to BKB at 50 from 31, Angle 45 from 65

    Frame Speed Modification
    -Grab Release Combos have been removed
    -Ganons jab frame 0: 3.5x, frame 20: .5x, frame 28: 3x
    -Ganondorfs sweetspot fair frame 15 extended 4x till frame 16 when it returns to 1x
    -Ganondorf fair ALR reduced to 40%
    -Ganon's choke is now techable, after hitbox sped up from 1.2x to 1.25x.
    -Bowser Utilt on frame 13, 1.5x faster
    -Bowser Ftilt 1.2x faster
    -Bowser ALR set to 40%
    -Bowser has 50% less lag on up+b landing
    -Bowser Grab Release set to 23 frames.
    -Yoshi exits shield at 2x
    -Charizard ftilt cooldown now 1.75x faster
    -Pika downthrow slowed to 70%
    -Zelda Ftilt 1.2x
    -Mario Dtilt speed up 1.33x after hitbox
    -Mario fair 1.1x faster
    -Sonic Charged B 2x on exit, 2x on floor hit
    -Kirby F smash windsdown 1.2x slower
    -Rob D smash comes out at .65 speed
    -G&W D smash windsdown 1.5x slower
    -G&W Key set to 100% ALR, global ALR reduced to 50%
    -Ike Nair winddown decreased
    -Sped up Lucas Utilt by 1.35x
    -Samus' homing missles after frame 20 is 2x faster
    -Samus' super missles after frame 25 is 2x faster
    -Ivy Dair Winddown 2x faster
    -Ivysaur Razor Leaf after frame 10 is 1.5x faster.
    -MK Downsmash it now at .85x speed
    -Standing tether GRABS (standing ranged grab) have had their end lag sped up:
    - Lucas Standing Grab is now 1.5x faster after hitbox
    - Samus 1.6x wind-down
    - Link 1.5x wind-down
    - Toon Link 1.5x wind-down
    - Lucas 1.5x wind-down
    - Yoshi 1.5x wind-down
    - Ivysaur 1.2x wind-down

    -MK's whorenado now cannot change vertical height due to increased gravity

    -Character Specific Momentum Settings
    Pikachu: 85%
    Lucario: 75%
    Lucas: 120%
    D3: 70%
    MK: 75%
    Sonic: 175%
    ZSS: 110%
    Global 92.5%

    -Character Specific Gravity and Jump Power Modifications
    Chara ID SH FH FF DGrav Grav Filler
    Quite seriously, do tell me how you are. I am missing you in the breif period we talked. Plus I think the Peach Boards are needing someone with spunk like you to kick them into shape again.

    Hurry back safely
    DM Dm dm..... how r things? u must be sad that i can beat ur azz constantly anymore cause u cant play brawl atm. XD but on a more serious note. did u get moved ok? reply soon or i WILL send llamacario after u and ill have him use his charms to flatter the fat girl and abduct u
    Hey hey!
    What you been up to? I haven't heard from you in such a long time :(

    Oh, and PS -befriend me now! or else I shall have to call the Pope, and let him know of your foolishhess!!!
    yo dm Theres a tournament comming up soon! in Framingham Ma. its the one i go to all the time! Dark will be there and u need to get ur arse up so we can pwn the floors with peach
    hey, its one of the guys you owned at the tournament last monday...i used link and p.trainer and u ***** me with your peachness...lol

    so...im thinking of maining olimar...i was even with 666 when i used him...he beat me but barely...what do you think?
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