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  • Wow nice! That sounds like a load of fun lol. Can't wait to see those sketches... and let me know how that goes xD.
    Hallo sire. I'm really busy as of now but I'll totally post on your new site sometime this week.

    Are you going to the tourney on May 8th here in somerville? PC Chris and other melee pros will b there, might have a PM side event!
    hey i posted a video in one of my posts when you get the chance make sure you put it on the front page. thx
    im still a photoshop novice. lol. i've had it for maybe half a year now. usually my pieces are simple but i will eventually get tired of it and want to broaden my knoewledge too.
    anyway ill be waiting.
    Orca, yeah you can hack it at 3.4 You know Makkun's thread about hacking your wii and it has a premade SD package and all? He also has a link to the Twilight Hack page to download different versions of the Twilight Hack. All your friend has to do is download Makkun's premade SD package, and then replace the zelda save file with the newest twilight hack they have posted on their website. Easy as pie!
    i dont have aim.

    im eager to see the final product. i would imagine its very time consuming and the fact that you trying to be perfect wont make it go faster, but i rather see a good picture that took a while then a quick bad one. Keep on pushing your limits, but dont go crazy with it. make sure you're happy in the end :)
    Mine is MasqueDuMajora. IM me sometime (oh, and I won't be on til about 7 central tonight).
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