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Recent content by CTL17

  1. CTL17

    The Official PGH/NEOH Grime Power Rankings

    Consider this thread watched.
  2. CTL17

    The Official Michigan Grime Power Rankings - last updated 2019/02/10

    Using your first post to report grime, I see.
  3. CTL17

    The Official Michigan Grime Power Rankings - last updated 2019/02/10

    Now the proud owner of two regions' grime threads. Oh god so much updating needed.
  4. CTL17

    Alabama Grime Thread

    Soon we will need a master grime thread to compile all the grime threads. :088:
  5. CTL17

    The Official MD/VA Grime Thread

    GRIMER ALERT!!!!!!! GRIMER ALERT!!!!!!!! At Field House Fights 5, Nintendude ordered a pizza for him and redruM to split. After both of them ate 3 slices each, they decided to save the rest for later. When returning to the pizza, the last slices were eaten. If anyone has any recon on this...
  6. CTL17

    Super Smash Con 64 Results Thread

    Lmao StarKing dead last
  7. CTL17

    Michigan Melee Summer Circuit 2015

    Stock of Champions lmao
  8. CTL17

    Shell Shocked 18 5/9 Melee and PM Results

    The placement is actually 2x-1 (Derived from 2*(x-1)+1 but simplified math is better.)
  9. CTL17

    The Official MD/VA Grime Thread

    Does Chu count that as fulfilling the promise?
  10. CTL17

    The Official MD/VA Grime Thread

    Pretty calm from this region for a bit...
  11. CTL17

    Michigan Arcadian 2 Results [4/25/15 - Ann Arbor, MI]

    Antishoutouts to myself for not playing my main when I needed it.
  12. CTL17

    SWEET XX Results [4/4/15 - East Lansing, MI] feat. Duck, Westballz

    I need a Yoshi next to my tag too please?
  13. CTL17

    SWEET XIX Results [3/14/15 - Ann Arbor, MI] feat. Duck, Kage, Vwins

    Shoutouts to roki Jono exposing our experiment I should have gatekeepered "life" bracket.
  14. CTL17

    Gamers for Giving [2/22/15 - Ypsilanti, MI]

    Shoutouts to Juggleguy almost getting JV3ed. Only a friendly, though.
  15. CTL17

    SWEET XVIII Results [2/21/15 - East Lansing, MI]

    Shoutouts to: Blake for eliminating me from 100% (2 out of 2!) of the singles events I entered in Michigan. Soft knee gimps
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