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  • The thing is, is that most moves people would use on Yoshi's shield aren't 22 frames long, so I'd need to PREDICT the move perfectly, spotdodge some amount of frames beforehand, and punish that way. There's also the fact that, without being able to shield drop, merely STANDING NEXT TO MY SHIELD is AMAZING pressure. I was playing Rookie on Friday to try and learn the match up, and he literally did this when I shielded: Dash right, dash left, dash right, dash left, backwards full hop, I spotdodged, Usmashed > dead. There was nothing I could do about it.

    I have this spotdodging habit, so when I play those two, I get ***** for it. XD
    Doesn't matter, I can't punish out of spotdodge as well as shield dropping would provide.

    If Yoshi had a shield, he would go up like, 2 tiers. Nair out of shield? AMAZING.
    Ness is better because he has a SHIELD that can be used to defend against Fox's bull****.

    If Yoshi had a shield, I wouldn't have this large a problem with the MU.
    Hah. XD

    I can really only help with Bowser. I just play him like a fortress. It's fun stuff.

    I may also be picking up Ness to help me with Fox. It felt SO much easier fighting Fox with Ness than Yoshi as I played Rookie today.
    Samus? DK? Sheik? Bowser? Peach?

    Try something viable kthx. =P

    I can try to help with Bowser. I have a semi understanding of him. XD
    No there's not. Ganon can't even approach Ganon, rofl.

    Also, why are you not on AIM? O.o
    I assumed you meant Diddy. =P

    And I wouldn't approach ever. With any character. I even camp Ganon dittos.
    I can cancel the DJ momentum with a special, but if I wait too long I go up anyways. The rise is only canceled completely earlier on.

    I'm sad that the tourny received early bashing. It's quite amazing and I will be attending due to me not being ***** on a CP by MK.

    If you need a ride I should most definitely be able to provide.
    It gets beaten by spot dodge, yes, since it's a grab. Which is why someone who's ground approaching me with a fast run speed is VERY dangerous and I don't like them. Like MK. One thing I can do is feign the grab and Bair, which is something I should do more often.

    The heavy armor trade thing has been discussed before. The problem is is that a lot of MKs moves break it early, some as early as mid 50s. It doesn't last long enough to be a long term approach to the match up. I'd also have to use my Double Jump to get the armor, which puts me ABOVE MK (Read, worst position in the game), and if I get it broken, I'm without a jump.

    I actually don't know Pride's ledge play, so I can't comment on it. All I know is that fighting ECE as Yoshi is IMPOSSIBLE from our dittos. It was hilarious.
    I actually don't really mind being predictable in my camp if it works. People should expect me to pivot grab their approaches and expect me to Usmash as Anti Air. That doesn't mean they can necessarily stop it. Pivot Grab is generally safe. I'm working more on doing empty moves as well, since they're non committing and thus let me play even safer.

    I've actually been thinking of using aggression on MK, of all things, but I doubt it'll work. I'm fully capable of it. When I last played Squall, I was down a good 80% final stock with under a minute left game 3, and I managed to pull a good string together to end the match with 150% to his 130%. I traded Uair with Bair at the end and died though. Snake's gay cuz he takes an extra like, 100% to kill over me, so it's dumb extra work.

    The main problem is NOTHING is safe on MK, so I can't do anything. =_=
    As much as I camp in friendlies, I have only timed someone out in them ONCE. And that was completely his fault, lol. I actually play a bit more aggressively in friendlies because there's no real consequence for screwing up. I usually use them as a chance to practice more egg lay shenanigans and my juggling.

    My camp is really only extremely predictable against MK, because my options against him don't exist. I have to wait until the last second possible before doing anything to make sure it's safe. If I pivot grab the air, it's nado'd. If I throw an egg and I miss, nado'd. If I whiff an Usmash, nado'd. Whiff a Dash Grab, Dthrown > chased.
    Lol, they're school friends. They're all bad, even though I tell them about little tricks when they come up. They didn't even know you could jump OOS until recently. XD

    Pwii knows the MU because he used to play Yoshi, but that shouldn't mean much. I know the MU because I play it all the time. It's just another case of the low tier effect fading. The only reason I keep winning is because I'm incredibly patient, but even that's not working all the time anymore. If I don't come up with some new things or become a significantly better player, I may never place decently again as Yoshi. There's only so much I can do. =[
    Part 2:

    There's also the fact that I don't feel like I can fight MK in this region with Yoshi anymore. The low tier effect is waning and it's becoming harder and harder for me to BARELY scrape a win by against players I KNOW I'm better than.


    First 2 games of my recent set with P_wii. I know for a fact I'm better than him, but the amount of work I had put in was actually destroying me physically. At around the last 3 minute mark of game 2, my arms actually started shaking, my breath was coming shorter and more rapidly, and my heart rate increased. It's just so much effort to do, and the results I get aren't satisfying me anymore. I shouldn't have to feel so nervous and early in bracket. I feel like I'm good enough that I should be able to make it midway through the bracket before having to try my hardest, work my *** off, and put all of my mind into the game. :urg:
    My main reason for being solo Yoshi was that he felt natural in my hands and I enjoyed him. I was playing with my friends the other day, and after thoroughly trouncing them with the noob slayer (read, Ganon), I picked Diddy since my friend likes to play him and had a lot of fun with him. Although I'm not sure if this will hold when I actually try to practice him with good people, it's an idea. I don't plan on dropping Yoshi at this point, though that may also change if I feel THAT much more comfortable as Diddy. It's all up in the air, really.
    Lol, call me and send a PM if you really wanna play. Sometimes (okay, incredibly rarely) I'm not checking smashboards or anything. My phone is loud and a much better way to reach me for a short notice thing. =P

    Ninja Link 2.0, eh? I might be learning Diddy, so expect him from me in addition to the dinosaur. =D

    Sucks that you're missing Apex. I'll play extra well for you! I've got another Yoshi guaranteed to be there, so we'll be coaching each other. XD Yoshi's actually do well coaching each other because we all have different styles and by having a different mindset giving you ideas, you can get even better results. I'll be telling him not to approach. ;P

    Stop messaging me in random threads about playing. PM me or message me on AIM or call me or something. I keep finding these things so late. >_<

    And I was free for like, most of today, too.
    The very same. As for teh replays, I'm going to see if my friend back home can send me the files on my card in an attachment via e-mail
    ehh, depends on the match-up. If you're against someone that likes keeping you grounded or likes big stages, Yoshi's is great (Falco, Dedede, etc.). But if you're up against someone that has good stage control with their moves (Snake, Meta, etc.) you prolly wanna stick to stuff where you can properly space.
    hah, you gotta always post from their perspective. The point of their match-up thread is to get ways to beat ZSS, don't say "we'll **** you like this and this", say "to avoid getting ***** like this, do this..." etc etc. Plus having back-up always helps d:
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