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  • oh so your already getting started on it??!! lol. thanks a lot conker :bee: looking forward to seeing it...if you can, I would like you to recolor zss pink...but it doesn't matter...just try and see if it works or whatever...
    after playing my brother last night, I'm gonna go back to zamus lol. after playing PT, and switching to back to zss, I discovered tons of cool, different and unpredictable ways to play....:bee:. but I'm going to need a zss sig then...I might ask you to make me one later this week if that's alright with you?
    yes...I've been extremely busy lately practicing my *** off for piano competitions and concerts. brawl is my stress reliever...lol. maybe I'll play you when you get your wifi working....there will probably be a lot of lag since your in houston though....as there was when I played xyro

    edit: I might switch back to zss lol...btw...I'm going to bed now ttyl
    I don't go to tournaments, I go to piano competitions :p lol. jk...I'll try to go to the video game club over here sometime...there's tourneys there. I'm not bad at brawl or anything...as far as I'm concerned, I'd probably do pretty decent in a tournament.......
    ya I'll still play zss, but I'd like to try out new characters, cause I learn new things every time I play with other characters
    ya i know what you mean...but I'm using pt. Is something wrong with that? lol.

    ps. go check all stars I replied to your comment thingy
    or you saying I suck?!! lol jk. Ya I've played a lot of the best people on here, and didn't do so bad...I sucked so bad against Xyro tho...but that was mainly cause there was so much lag...zss sucks with lag and samus pwns online cause you can spam missiles. The screen kept freezing up every 15 seconds. I'm just switching to pt for a challenge...cause it takes skill to learn all 3 pokemon well. i love characters with high learning curves :)
    I switched to pokemon trainer because I think think squirtle, ivysaur, and charizard are just WAAYYY hotter than ZSS...ummm....jk lol. But seriously, ZSS was getting boring, DK was even boring-er (cause I kept beating my bro)...so I decided to go for a lower tier character..........and also PT is just so fun to use :bee: It all started when I chose charizard and 3 stocked my bro like 5 times in a row...I was like "whoa! I thought PT sucked!" lol

    so ya...good reason hey?
    hey conker
    glad to see your ok
    did you happen to check out my new style
    tell me what you think
    Please be ok Conker my heart goes out to you

    I hate to think that the last sig you ever made was for me
    hey conker, whatdup? hope your ok...i heard the hurricane is gunna be pretty bad...keep me posted. if i don't hear from you in 1 week, then I'll assume that---actually let's not think about that...

    You tried the same tut I used a lot (as I just noticed). In case you are wondering my results:

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