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    Sheik Combo Thread

    All percents are estimates. They vary match-up to match-up and with rage. Raising fair: Low Percents (0-10): --> grab (DI in) --> filt (unsure of DI but I recommend this because throws suck) --> ftilt grab --> ftilt uptilt grab Mid percents (10-40 ish depending on character): --> dash grab -->...
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    Sheik Matchup Discussion Thread

    King K. Rool: Can bouncing fish over both cannonball and crown to hit him in lag. Fair beats out pretty much all his aerials. I reccomend needle camping the hell out of him and then edge guarding with BAir by grabbing the ledge and dropping down for the kill. Pretty standard heavy matchup but...
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    Sheik Matchup Discussion Thread

    With 76 characters in Smash Ultimate, we have a lot of work to do. Start discussions on hard, easy or neutral matchups and give advice and tips. Let’s get this bread.
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    Sheik Smash Ultimate First Impressions

    We have a lot to talk about girls and boys. Let’s get this started. Sheik seems very similar to Smash 4 sheik except faster with better movement. BAir and upair are slightly stronger, and forward air had it’s hitbox slightly tweaked. Sheik is faster, but her standing grab has much less reach...
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    Transition from SSB4 to Ultimate?

    Needles are both better and worse due to the new angle. In general, you can be much farther away and still hit needles aerial. However, I’ve found follow ups off of full hop needles to be quite lackluster until high percents when I was able to get upair or bouncing fish. I think that shorthop...
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    Is anyone here going to contribute to the new character forum for Smash Ultimate?

    This place was popping when smash 4 came out, so let’s lab smash ultimate make the new forum pop. I can see a lot of potential with Sheik day one, but the forum seems dead already. Let’s get this bread boys and girls, and let’s make sheik godly.
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    Transition from SSB4 to Ultimate?

    She seems really similar to me. Idk wtf people are talking about that she “feels” awful. As for advice, I reccomend adding some dash stop —> f tilt or up tilt to catch jumps in neutral now. Because grab no longer is as a potent combo starter (this nerf seems universal to all characters), taking...
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    Sheik Combo Thread

    Post your combos! Let's get this place cooking!
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    You've been lied to.

    You've been lied to.
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    See you in Smash Ultimate, friend.

    See you in Smash Ultimate, friend.
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    You’ve been lied to.

    You’ve been lied to.
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    Meta Cloud Video Thread (Matchups/Techs/etc;)

    Anyone know any vods with cloud vs pika where I can learn the matchup from. Preferably top players. Thank you.
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    Meta Let the Battles Begin! - Cloud Matchup Thread

    Hi fellow cloud playas, I just got beat by an electric rat at my local tournament, and I'm very salty about it. How do I beat pikachu's quick attack? Reading it does not work because for some reason AC Nair and fast fall bair only beat it if you time it completely perfectly. Someone please help.
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    Grand Slam Smash!

    Grand Slam Smash!
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    Atlantic North Grand Slam Smash weeklies

    Grand Slam Smash Every week as of June 29, 2016 BATTER-UP GAMING & SPORTS-CARDS 1830 Main St. Suite 200, Tewksbury, MA 01876 Smash Wii U ---- Fees ---- Venue fee - $5* Smash 4 doubles - $10 ($5 per person) Smash 4 singles - $5 *Venue fee is waived if you bring a setup (TV, Wii U, GC...