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Recent content by Comet7

  1. Comet7

    2018 Tier List

    we had better quality discussions years ago lmao caup has probably (definitely) posted the most informed opinion.... you guys can do better and actually use information to make logical points back...
  2. Comet7

    Doc vs Mario on SPEED

    kurugane hammer and i thought this was going to be a decent ****post
  3. Comet7

    Smash Wii U How would YOU improve Smash 4?

    it's weird to prioritize different playstyles and then want to eliminate stuff like ding-dong that encourages different move selection in neutral (aka different character types or playstyles). it can be "jank", but all the of it distinguishes every character. nothing is simple anyway since each...
  4. Comet7

    Tips on up-throwing any character with Marth?

    idk when 1 pummel is guaranteed but not until at least 40. you can't buffer up throw but you can input up on the analogue stick and the c stick. if you can, just up throw without pummeling.
  5. Comet7

    Guide The Pichu Matchup Thread

    @DerfMidWest talk about Luigi please. :)
  6. Comet7

    Social The Pichu Social & General Discussion Thread

    Does anybody knlw the Knuckles MU?
  7. Comet7

    Smash Box Reaches Kickstarter Goal

    unforuntely not hax's
  8. Comet7

    Legality How many Threads can I NECRO while still remaining acceptable?

    no pichu is garbage. if you want to put effort toward something, i advise you to lab out stuff instead of arguing about futile stuff. to explain we have tools but everybody else does our gameplan better or invalidates it.
  9. Comet7

    Legality How many Threads can I NECRO while still remaining acceptable?

    still available to be drafted for the cause
  10. Comet7

    Smash for the Switch: What Can We Expect?

    They must be Popo and Nana.
  11. Comet7

    Social The Pichu Social & General Discussion Thread

    Guys I think Pichu is top 27
  12. Comet7

    Zenyou AMA: "I can't let these bad experiences determine who I am...losses are a part of growing."

    i don't know why smash 4 would be special?
  13. Comet7

    EVO 2017 Line Up Announced, Big Changes For Smash

    I'm skipping the question of why since the answer is just going to be something relating to Wizard being blind to what's in front of his face. At least the "check in with other communities" tournament still exists for the underdone formality it is.
  14. Comet7

    hard as*

    hard as*
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