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Recent content by Christopher Rodriguez

  1. Christopher Rodriguez

    Social Corrin Social - Still Fire Emblem Social

    Can someone hook me up with an invite to the most active Robin Discord please? Robin boards are kind of dead. Thanks
  2. Christopher Rodriguez

    Project M Tier List for Smashboards

    Who knows if they would even consider it or not because iirc there's a panel that determines the list However, I still think that this is some useful data if it is accurate
  3. Christopher Rodriguez

    Creating Vanilla Melee Out of Brawl?

    It would be a neat little project and it would definitely receive some attention as a niche. Go for it but don't get too hung up on it I'd say
  4. Christopher Rodriguez

    Koopa king in Texas

    Vs Falco you want to really work on your punish game, since a lot of the time you will be losing neutral. Try to clip him with nair, fair, utilt, dsmash. Edgegaurding is super easy, and always deflect lasers back to him. Vs DK keep your dashdancing on point and respect him especially when you...
  5. Christopher Rodriguez

    I'm scared

    I'm scared
  6. Christopher Rodriguez

    How long does your break last

    Probably at the longest like a month or so, and a good ol' session gets me back going at least somewhat. A tournament too especially.. what about you?
  7. Christopher Rodriguez

    Is PM the DoTa of Smash?

    I guess that's how some people look at it.. A lot of people that are still playing are people who enjoy the game because: 1. They were hooked from the beginning upon testing it 2. They followed the game's amazing development, patches, character additions, etc 3. The scene is amazing and diehard AF
  8. Christopher Rodriguez

    Legacy XP beta impressions

    Just a shot in the dark here, but this thread might fare better in the customized content forum for Project M. The mod sounds cool though!
  9. Christopher Rodriguez

    What if Pac-Man and Mega Man were in Project M?

    That's a very generalized assumption considering a lot of the cast can handle fox
  10. Christopher Rodriguez

    Time to quit?

    The way you're looking at the game is hurting you. Go back to playing for fun and let the momentum build from there and try again.
  11. Christopher Rodriguez

    What if Pac-Man and Mega Man were in Project M?

    Probably amazing, Pac Man is a really cool character in Smash 4 and works well.. Project M's main strength is the roster size and variety, so pretty much anything works for our crowd lol
  12. Christopher Rodriguez

    PM Alt Stock Smilies

    +1 to this idea
  13. Christopher Rodriguez

    Project French Sonic combo video by Satanpuuuu

    Amazing! :) good job on it. Footstool gimps were too real
  14. Christopher Rodriguez

    What's the best practice for mashing out of grab?

    Thank you so much guys. Just need one more clarification; the smash 4 video says control stick and button do not count at the same time or to pick one over the other (control stick spiraling vs button sliding) this isn't the case in melee correct? Meaning as ace said I could do both. Just...
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