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  • highway 92 is like 10-15 minutes away from me. My number is 678-763-5331. You can add me on facebook too if you want.

    I'm not available this weekend since I'm going to a tournament at Auburn University and I'm busy most of the time for work, but I'm free on random days and sometimes weekends. I'm actually free Thursday-Saturday next week if you want to play smash. Just let me know when you're free.
    yo, I heard you're moving to woodstock? What part of woodstock are you going to be in? I'm in the towne lake area. Rayku (the guy who beat wobbles) is also in woodstock, but he's going to the air force in a few weeks.
    Hey what happened to that 1500$ guaranteed pot melee critical hit you said you were gonna do?
    Hey, could you just give me a general idea of how many showed up to the last one because some buddys and I are traveling from long island
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