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  • Really? That'd be awesome! Of course I help pay for gas etc. Do you live in Troy even in May?
    Hah Ill see you on Sunday. We gotta represent LI at this. You said you were gonna be there with a friend, is it one of the regular LI smashers?
    Hey. Im on break from Dec 17 to Jan 20. Please inform me of any and all tourneys going on during these days.
    I've been spreading the word of the next Castle Smash nd SF4 tournament and everyone asks me if there will be 3rd strike. Will there be 3rd strike?
    hey when is the next tourney. Im the guy who used wolf that you thought youd offended. Also if cjt and I dropped by suffolk would you be interested in playing me.
    Yes, I would also like to know when the next one is. I've heard through the grapevine that its gonna be two days? As in, more than one day? Or should I say, completely epic?
    yo, i understand that you pass through smithtown on your way to gametable next month, would you be able to pick me up on the way?
    I can definitely bring a wii, Im just letting you know because I dont see it on the thread.
    Im looking to buy a tv soon (for college) so if i get one before this, I'll bring it, but Im not sure if ill have it by then. If not for this one, Ill probably have it by the next one though.
    Alright, no problem. I'm just not sure if I can stay for all of melee though, so I would have to take it with me when I leave. But I think my friends and I are gonna enter crews, which I assume is gonna overlap a bit with melee, no? BTW, whats the entry fee for crews?
    Hey if you guys need, I can bring a wii with brawl and melee, just let me know. I'll check my messages in the morning, but I'm leaving my house by 10:30, so I'll need to know by then.
    Sorry, I have work. Good luck tomorrow, I hope it runs smoothly. BTW, do you know when you and mitsurugi are gonna host another smashfest? I mean, either way, a tourney's a tourney, but I personally prefer it to be only smash people, I feel like otherwise it would be too crowded.
    My friends and I were looking to visit Suffolk, we heard you guys had a good competitive scene there. How is play over there structured? Is it just free play all the time, or are there tournaments? Were planning on heading over some weekend, we'd just need to take off from work. Will people be playing over the weekend or is it not even worth it to go?
    Hey I heard that someone at Suffolk dominated the Brawl scene with a Pikachu and, on occasion, Snake. Is that you I've heard about?
    BTW I'm just a random person who was at your last castle golf tourney.
    It's ok. I actually win at some tournaments and lose at some others.
    I'm not ego boosted because I won. Thankfully I played people I can beat easy like Zro and Blackenese (No offense to them).

    Either way, not my fault that I had whatever byes came to me. Thanks for telling me that for whatever reason you decided to? xD

    Also, private message if it's something like this is usually the better option.
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