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  • Hey man, great to see you around on the boards still! sorry for been very absence in. : s
    I know nothing about you other than you are a random brawl player. why do you play brawl? were is the fun? if it's edge gaurding why? melee has the best edge gaurding because it's not auto win win the recoveryer and the edge gaurder.

    it's not combos if so 64 or melee

    it's not mindrape brawl has it but at a slower rate witch makes it much less likely to happen and less movement tricks.

    why? I used to play but I only got headaches and never only was I like OOOHHHHH like in melee. Not trying to insult you I just want to know WHY I,ve watched some brawl combo videos and I fail to see whatever everyone esle sees
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