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    Social General Ice Climber Chat

    i've had nana standing on stage about to get hit, then the belay cancel teleports her away and then back. not done on purpose but it was pretty cool, and people are always confused by it regardless
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    Montreal Thread - You better comming!!!1

    cool thanks! i went and i won thanks a lot
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    Montreal Thread - You better comming!!!1

    how can i meet the melee community, i was really good at the game growing up and i want to win some easy money
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    one two one two and through and through

    one two one two and through and through
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    Social General Ice Climber Chat

    definitely seems sorta impossible without claw, haha. my thumb is not that fast. i like to try to do pivot jump desyncs in friendlies, usually just ice blocks/blizzards. but i'm feeling more confident with it and might try it at some weeklies or something. i try to point it out when i do it...
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    Montreal ComicCup Results [Smash 4/Melee]

    Sweet sweet tournament points
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    Meta 2015 Community Tier List Voting

    I have: 1 - Fox 2 - Marth 3 - Falco 4 - Sheik 5 - Ice Climbers 6 - Jigglypuff 7 - Peach 8 - Falcon 9 - Samus 10 - Pikachu 11 - Luigi 12 - Yoshi 13 - Dr. Mario 14 - Ganondorf 15 - Mario 16 - Link 17 - DK 18 - Young Link 19 - Game and Watch 20 - Mewtwo 21 - Pichu 22 - Roy 23 - Ness 24 -...
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    Social General Ice Climber Chat

    How consistent are you at it? I think it'll also be important to hit the desync with fullhops (fullhop blizzard, fullhop ice block) as we don't have a lot for the area it covers. Some silly things you can do is have nana full hop and aerial onto a platform which is... questionable, but I think...
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    Midwest [Jul 4, 2015] FC Smash 15XR: Return (Notre Dame, IN)

    Whoa I can fulfill 17 year old me's dream of going to FC
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    Social General Ice Climber Chat

    I think you have more than 1 frame leniency, just input it before you're out of jump squat. should be 3 frame leniancy, input on frame 0, 1, 2
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    Ice climber's shield drop?

    Link has bombs and some good aerials to keep you away. I think the punish game is heavily in our favour but it can be hard to get in on him with ICs linear movement. All the Luigi's I've met seem to think it's in his favour, or at least that he does well.(not many, but Vist and I think Abate? I...
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    Hand off Timing w/ Pictures & Frames

    You don't need to use R+A to handoff, I handoff jigglypuff using Z.
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    Stage Bans for IC?

    I don't think Marth is that fraudulent on Yoshi's, I tend to feel that Marth needs to keep close (midrange) in the matchup and a larger stage gives you the space to setup the desyncs necessary to fight his range. You will also have an easier time getting back to neutral on Dreamland than Yoshi's...
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    Social General Ice Climber Chat

    Yeah I know there's applications of one button giving two inputs, I just felt as a neat thought experiment: what other desynchs you could get from inputting two buttons? some states don't allow for certain inputs, or have a different order of priority for moving into other states. So if you...
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    Social General Ice Climber Chat

    The pivot jump is done by jumping and dashing on the same frame, instead of 1 frame apart. So the timing is slightly earlier (and it's harder) Going into the pivot state just seems to take priority over jumping. For a while I thought that was weird, but then I considered the case of pressing a...