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  • wrking hard I see...still trying to contact China...no luck with any China threads so far(basically I can't find any Chinese threads.)
    I heard the bad news...too bad that Shiz and his bros. might not be going to Noob 1...they should still go to G.AM.M.E and/or Apex 2
    LOL...SO TRUE.

    IM in the process of contacting China now... hope i get some responses.

    I wish the phillipines had their own board. Mini Kens would be nice.
    Amsah (nihonjin sama) can help contact Captain Jack..those guys are really good friends. CJ can spread the word to his Japanese comrades. As for Korea...well someone on the boards in your Next Big Step For Smash Thread (which I must say is a major success) says the're roomate/friend is Korean and they are going, but he'll ask him if any more Koreans plays melee...BESIDES THE LEGENDARY KDJ (who i sent a visitors message and will send a PM to Korean DJ for him to ask for time off to come to Apex 2) Apex will probably have more hype seeing as it during the heat of summer....G.A.M.M.E is during Final Exams for alot of people around the world or graduation. Hey...can you get Shiz (who'll probably go if you telle him about Apex 2) to bring his bros KSN, and Smash Mach

    Isai is basically confirmed to go so maybe that would be an incentive for guys like Tani, Bombsoldier, Masashi, S-royal, Kou, Thunders....and of course the big one CJ, who will com to play against Amsah, Isai, and possibly KDJ...he might wants revenge against Armada too...so im pretty certain CJ will come.

    I know China has a thread I'll try and contact them and send you alink.

    so...where to next.

    I'll find the board of whatever country and post it...just send me the place and i'll look it up for you.

    Im hyped to see all the talent the WORLD has to offer as much as you are so I'm willing to help.
    good posts. this is an encouraging post from INSANE CARZY GUY that can be a good or bad thing. Because I have to ask everyone. DO you know anything about pichu? I am always trying to learn more in anyway possible.
    Sup man, you have a pretty good fox, that was me who stayed over at Hungry's house. :] (pink doc)
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