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  • Sorry :\ hopefully tomorrow is better for ya. At least the Wii didn't stay broken :p
    Hah it was okay. I got hit with a lot of badluck and such, but all good fun still :)
    Grats on getting your Wii working again :b:
    Hah sorry for the delay, internet decided to be stupid.
    Added your friend code and such, just join my race if you have no one else added yet. :)
    Haha for sure, have you added my FC? Pretty sure I saw you post your's in the thread, so I'll add you now.
    haha why would that make you a creep lolz

    visitor walls are made for chatting ;D
    Good stuff :)
    Wellll, if you ever wanna race me I'm down any time :p As are most of the people in that thread.
    Awesome, it's a lot of fun, and there are people doing runs everyday. Just be sure to try and get everyone's friend code down. Not sure if there is still room but we are doing a pretty big tourney coming up early May, you should try signing up for it :p
    Really? :D You should definitely join the group I Kart with, we do lots of friendlies and wifi tourneys and such, it's fun. link
    Hah honestly, I'm not very good. I used to play it a lot more, but I am mostly enticed with Mario Kart at the moment :p How bout you?
    I've heard that about 13 as well, a little hesitant about trying it someday. No problem with Yu-Gi-Oh hah :p Play whatever you like as long as it's fun
    Na I don't think we do haha, I am not sure what the high / middle schools and such have for breaks anymore, but I don't remember an Easter break. Lucky there :) Hahaha good theory, I'm not sure why 7 is my favorite, I think it is just one of the first ones I was ever introduced to and got lucky :p
    Pretty sure I have heard of Nolan and Soren.
    Haha oops, sorry if I kept you up. It is only about midnight here at the moment :p
    That's good, I've been curious as to where a lot of the characters I am a little un-knowledgeable about originated. A lot of those characters seem to be from Fire Emblem too, so it should be nice.
    Ah, yeah I've played games similar to what you just described, and I hope my units don't die :p. Overall it sounds good though, and the series has gotten good reviews from the looks of it, so hopefully I can acquire it shortly. The 7th Final Fantasy was my favorite :p, I actually haven't tried any of the newer ones past like 10. I've been meaning to, but haven't had the time or money hah :p
    Cool cool :)
    Is it sorta like the Final Fantasy games strategy, or more of a real-time strategy game? I used to be a big fan of the Final Fantasy series, as well as games such as Starcraft.
    Really? Awesome, I'll try and get a copy soon then :p
    Strategy games are fun! I like the challenge, so if it is strategy, I would definitely end up liking it.
    Cheesecake is good! :)
    And honestly, I never even heard of the series Fire Emblem until I started playing Smash games, but they have influenced me to check them out. I have heard they are good.
    Ah :urg: well I hope things work out for you two. The old Spyro and Crash games were my favorite on the Playstation, awesome to see you got them. The second Spyro, "Ripto's Rage" I think, was my favorite. My birthday was nice, finally managed to get a 3DS which has been very awesome. Glad to see the hype wasn't overrated, other than that cake and favorite burger place was definitely good. I hope your's was great as well :)
    Yeah, mostly everyone who reads the comic says that :p But Rick, the author is kinda extremely homophobic and such, so no real hope of it happening.
    haha they are ;D
    It's a very easy to read webcomic. Make sure to start from the beginning though, it does go through various story arcs and such.
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