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  • Would you stop amazing me!:bee: the second is cool, but I love the 1st one!
    hey, time for a super random hello. I just checked back into my profile after posting again here for a few weeks. I completely forgot (and to be honest I still don't remember) to ever have a private comunication here. So Hi. That's just it.
    If your restaurant is busy, I guess Germany was hit TOO hard with the recession was it? Have you made any masterful pieces of pixel art recently?
    Hello, It HAS been a long time hasn't it? It's nice to see your still alive:)
    Oooo, dissertation, that does not sound fun at all:ohwell:
    How's the restaurant doing?
    My friend zrky just showed me some of your sprites.

    All I can say is, "...WHOOOOOOOOOA."
    oh, I understand studying

    I love my DS it's completely custom(with stickers I mean)
    well good luck with whatever your studying for;)
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