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bossa nova ♪

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  • Haha alright awesome. If you have a way to get around, then you could come and play with me and another person or two on Thursday as well. =)
    Well, yeah, Mike is the best in Gboro. Try to see if you can have a fest so you can get to play everyone.
    Well, theory only gets you so far. Practice is what helps a lot, so don't be frustrated if you can't apply everything you've read and watched in your first few sessions of friendlies.
    Haha good for you. Just letting you know haha.

    So, where on the PRs(power rankings, list of top 10 players in the state) do you think you fit?

    Oh, and I wanted to let you know something:

    Since this is the internet, people like to say things they don't mean in order to get a reaction out of you. This is called trolling. Watch out for it haha.

    For example:

    "702 you suck and should quit lolz."

    If you read that and didn't know any better, then you would feel bad. NC trolls a lot, so be sure to watch out for it. =p
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