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  • lol, well that will be this weekend while Taj is at katsu.
    And C3... of course >:D
    haha true you're right.
    And no, I don't have the money on me. I'm gonna try and go to hat's.
    Just playing a lot more defensively and smart. Pika doesn't have the greatest priority so I have to move a lot.
    You guys wanted me to use a better character after all :p
    yo i cant go to planks ._.

    mom thinks ill get kidnapped or die or some **** >.<
    Yo wut up, it's KKing, wuts ur friend code?
    eh, just had a lot of hw and other sh*t to do :(

    is there any tourney during winter break (other than chu's today)? i could probably make that
    i see you did against DK smash too xD

    DK vs. Wario is like 50:50 cause Wario ***** DK if he get into range. otherwise, DK can just bair and f-tilt and wario can't approach and stuff :p
    lol, just doing wifi :p

    and i might practice with u guys on friday if my parents let me and stuff so yay xD
    please IM me on AIM at YourStillxwithme !!!!! I'm online right now and want to talk directly to you so i dont have to keep writing to you like this.
    Can you play it right now? I have time. You're on now...so id like to do it now. I cant do it tomorrow. I have work from 12-7pm
    You missed today...but thats no big deal because you have not been on since then. I would like to get this match done today sometime. message me asap so we can get this done. If you cannot complete matches within a fair amount of time...then do not play through the tournament and slow things down. I'm sorry but if you cant keep in contact then yous hould just drop out.
    I waited an HOUR for you. What the **** dude? Come on, its not that hard to just play a match that will take no longer than 15 minutes. I've looked for you on aim, on here, and on the wii numerous times. We need to play this match, step your game up and pay attention. I had to waste an hour of my time waiting for you. Lets play tomorrow, Saturday at 12:00PM (The afternoon...not morning) Eastern Standard Time. Ok? Thank You.
    Awesome. Please give me a good 10-20 min after that just incase im a little late. Sometimes at work we have to stay a little longer to clean up and such. I should be pretty close to on time though...just a heads up.
    Please go on TONIGHT AT AROUND 1015 PM. I will be online around that time and we should play our set there. I'm an impatient person. :) lets get this show on the road dude.
    Please contact me via text on my cell at (203) 980-6616, aim at yourstillxwithme or pm me when you can play AHEAD OF TIME. thank you.
    Contact me on aim or text my phone to get in contact with me. It is now 11:00pm where I am now and I can do the set within the next 3 hours because i will be up. When you get this respond asap. please also tell me what 2 stages you wish to ban if any. 1 neutral 1 counter.
    Did you win your first match for Hot and Fluffy? If so you are facing me next. What stages would you like to ban? I'm banning Battlefield and Delfinos Plaza. The first match is set to random out of the following stages-Smashville, Lylat Cruise, Pokemon Stadium I, Final Destination, Yoshis Island. After the first matchwe will exit the room and talk on the smash message thingy so the loser can then pick the next stage...and then the winner will tell that person what character they are choosing...if need be we will repeat that process for match three. on AIM you can contact me at Yourstillxwithme or text my cell at (203) 980-6616. please let me know when is the best time for you so we can play our match. Good Luck to you
    You need to play me in the tourney, either today or tomorrow before 8pm eastern
    You are my opponent sir... let's get this thing rolling as soon as we can. If you have AIM, we can innitiate a match that way... AIM me when you get on
    E-mail: drummer_boy_0099@hotmail.com
    Brawl Friend Code: 4725-7643-8743
    Brawl Name: KING

    this is my info
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