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  • I never played Melee.

    I have played it. But I mean "Played" not just gone on the game once...
    A lot of poeple say so. I truly cannot understand ANY other way at all. If you don't like the character just generally, as in nothing to do with how good they are or their playstyle I don't understand how anyone would ever want to play them. Save like just picking the best character if winning is your only motivation.

    I'm not too fond of Marth. I use him only minimally.
    I don't have a main. I play almost everyone. I don't play Peach, Olimar, Ness, Lucas or Samus. It has nothing to do with how they play. I play characters base donly on hwo much I like them aesthetically.
    It's just a general "Wassup" along more smash based lines then normal ones. Who what why when how and where the tiddlypeeps will know etc.
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