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  • Naw...I couldn't make it. :( I've had a lot of money issues lately, and I sorta kinda quit playing Brawl for the most part. :\ If I ever get money again I'll come out though. :) Even if I wouldn't be doing all that well, I could at least hang for a while. :p
    That's good to know. I'll be looking out for you too. :)

    And yeah...Luigi. After failures with a few others, I finally hit a flow with a character; and it just happened to be the crackhead of the game. :laugh:

    How've you been? It's been...a while. Or a month I guess. I don't know if you'd consider that a while.

    Are ya going to TYM VI, or don't you know yet? If so, then you might see me there...with my Luigi, if I decide to keep practicing with him. <.<
    *cough*0% - deathed your main in 7 secconds *cough*

    And stole your profile's virginity :p
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