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  • Slasher's my training partner, we met when he was in school at UNCW. ^_^ If I'm to ever be near him it's usually with him playing smash. I'll make sure I let you know too!

    I'm still working on being a good swordsman OwO;
    What day would you like to play sir? I can play tomorrow thursday or the weekend whatever is good with you :)
    thanks for playing with me yesterday bro. Marth was fierce, we should def play more. hit me up whenever. I def need the experience
    Yeah im definatly down for this weekend! I can give you my number if you need it. I have at&t and I get really ****ty reception at my house from the trees so I can text but not really call. I can go to your place or we can do it at mine whatever is cool :)
    Dude you were really good. Next tourney I'd like to team with you again. Do you know where Cary is? I was like 40 minutes away from foxys and always looking to play people. Need the practice :)
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