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  • hey :)
    i havent been on much because of my GF and making youtube vids for a while, you should see 'em at youtube.com/snucas1
    I'm not so sure...I've been lagging with people for a while too D:
    But I had some normal matches today. It probably won't be too bad. :p
    I got purged from the Debate Hall :( lol.
    I wasn't active anyway.

    So hey, We should have some matches soon :p
    Sounds about right, I know. Noone can stop for two seconds and work together.

    Getting sick of the Samus boards once again, nothing but negitivity.
    It's different for each map. =p

    Haha, I feel the same pain when I'm playing the PS3 in the living room.
    Tanks aren't always playable. You can take them out with grenades and such from a safe distance.
    CoD5's multiplayer is a little boring. Especially since noobs can hog the machine gun and just spam it. x_x
    System-linked? As in everyone needs to have each other's player tags registered, or something?
    Lol, I remember that too. You also tried teaching me Wolf's AC F-Air and you even did Sheik's DACUS, lol.

    CoD5 isn't nearly as good as CoD4 is, for sure. CoD4 had a good storyline and game mechanics, but CoD5 just bases it on World War II, again.

    I still need to get Left 4 Dead. Gears 2 is alright, but Left 4 Dead is way higher on my list. I totally want to get it.
    Omg, same. I beat CoD5 last week and I was up with friends playing Nazi Zombies at like, 3 in the morning, lol. I also left Brawl, but I'm back for it because my friends asked me to come back. But Melee > Brawl anyday. Anyways, it's so great to have you back. You should know, I can DACUS now. xD
    The debates have gotten pretty stale since the beginning of DWYP, imo. And lately it's about the election, economy, etc. But that's good, if you're knowledgeable about that stuff...which I'm not :p

    But yeah. I might get kicked since I haven't posted there since like...mid-DWYP. Haha.
    I thought you died and gave up on brawl XD

    and im actually working on it in secret, so hush hush.
    Yay! Thanks. That was pretty freaking awesome. At my Japanese Culture thingy-ma-jigg, there were a few Captain Hammer cosplayers xD

    Love how Marth was 50th behind the Sandbag and stuff. haha.
    Thanks. Yeah A lot of people played as Meta Knight but a few left themselves open for me to spike them xD

    I've tried using DK but I could never get used to him. I may give him another shot though. Any tips for him?
    Ironically, I played defensively in Melee and offensive in Brawl :p
    I tend to play defensive online, but that's because of lag.
    Offline, I'm actually pretty aggressive. :p
    That's true. I have aLOT of trouble with small characters as Ganon. They're hard to approach.
    Yeah :/
    But according to the character match-up thingy, Ganon's has no advantages over anyone D:
    He's a rapist in Melee.
    I know o o;
    But, being an online tourney, I never figured people would take it that seriously.
    Ugh, I hate tiers. XD
    Idk...I don't want to risk the chance of spamming. I might put it in my signature or something.
    lol. I really want to be a TO.
    I've done a few local tournies, and helped organize other people's tournies. I'm even doing that online tourney.
    But the group leaders haven't been on in months >_>
    So, no TO for me. :/
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