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Atomic Yoshi
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  • oh hahah you replied on your own profile! :laugh:!
    i wish i woulda figured that out sooner!
    thats too bad...
    my life is like that right now really
    hey do you know who Ken Hoang is??

    if you dont, then i am sorry to tell you, that you are not a true fan of the smash! lol

    heres some info about him when he played the game of survivor!

    down at the very bottom it gives a little info about his survivor journey!
    well..... survivor(the tv show) starts with somewhere between 16-20 people...
    they are split into 2(in a couple cases, 4) teams and forced to compete in challenges. the team that loses the "immunity challenge" so its called, will have to vote out one of its tribe members... this keeps happening(plus some major changes here and there) until there is one person left in the game.

    honestly..... it would take SOOOOO much preparation. and even then i dont know how it will work out. but it seemed like SUCH a fun idea! lol
    well... the thing is, they are too redundant.
    too many amazing races are going on! lol

    we should think of another game to play! lol

    like....... well, have you ever seen the show "survivor"??
    its one of my favorite game shows of all time... it would kind of be something like :the amazing race" games.... but if youve ever seen it, youd know how it would be different! lol
    the funny thing is is that in my attempt to help yoshi win by eliminating baby luigi (since he's the biggest threat) i actually screwed him over. So yeah i'd like to apologize to both baby luigi and yoshi.
    yeah u can eliminate yoshi, no hard feelings, after all its just a game and u need 2 avenge baby weegee :laugh:
    hahahaha too late now! eeryone saw it!! lol
    your S.O.L my friend!
    *insert evil laugh here*

    nothing personal, just business! :p
    but who knows. i MIGHT spare you! it depends who hes up against!
    oh dont worry its on now! lol
    if i feel like it, youd better be on your game because im taking yoshi out ASAP! lol
    but im out of votes for today too so itll have to wait till tomorrow :laugh:
    also cuz baby luigi poses the biggest threat to yoshi winning, might as well get rid of him now while i have the chance. I also hate baby weegee so much.:mad: seeing everybody wanting 2 save him makes me mad.:mad:
    I don't even like Baby Daisy, but since i'm the only 1 that supports yoshi and he probably won't win, i'm just gonna make u lose with me. :p
    yea we should! lol
    i gotta warn you though... im not AMAZING, and im still learning how to use the gamecube controller! hahah so i MIGHT not be ALL that great for the time being!
    oh shoot!!! lol
    i didnt realize you posted in your profile!
    im fine how about yourself??
    Dude man sorry for bailing on you but this dumb**** five year old wont let me alone and he went and told on me with my dad and I hsd to ****ing gove the controller to the little dumb**** *****. I swear I really hate it when he visits. I feel like strangling him. Never stops talking and asking and AHHHHHHHH! the dumb**** drives me insane. Anyways sorry for bailong on you
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