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  • I am asking everyone who voted on the Metaknight Ban thread their opinion again, since over the course of time, many people brought up many more points, possibly changing the way that those that already voted think (most recently the results at Apex). I'm going to list the results of people's new thoughts in another thread (although I'll have to do it much later), and I'd love it if you could message me with your standing. Do you think Metaknight deserves:
    Temporary Banishment,
    A Rule Change,
    or are you unsure at the momment?
    Private messages so I can count the responces and tally properly would be greatly appreciated, but anyway of messaging will do fine.
    Hey, since you are from the Valley, give me some way to contact you and I'll contact the RGV crew that lives in Mission and nearby and maybe for the next tournament I can get you a ride. Give me your AIM and MSN, or if you don't have any your MySpace and phone number.
    Brownsville is really easy to get to from Mission. Also as I am sure you know Mission is right next to McAllen and Weslaco where like three other players are from. You can get rides.

    Do you have AIM or MSN?
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