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  • Hey man would u brawl me sometime, i know that u will probably beat me, i just want to see about how good i am comparatively and what i need to work on....And i am a good Pika player, again i just want to see how if u could write me back letting me know either way, i would greatly appreciate it. :P
    Hey man, i started a Pikachu clan and was wondering if you would like to join it, I know that there is already a Pika clan on Smashboards, and I was actually a part of it but got sick of the fact that nobody ever does I made a smaller and more elite clan and we are requiring tryouts to get in....we require that you play 3 ppl and we all decide wether they are good enough to join, so if you would like, here is the link :P
    hey dude. i have a thread that has been sticked on the pika forums called pikachu's matchups and each week we focus on a different character. i would appreciate it (as well as the entire pika community) if you would contribute some of your knowledge. i want this thread to be as little biased as possible and everyone's opinion is more than welcome.
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