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Recent content by AnEnemyMongoose

  1. AnEnemyMongoose

    Q&A -Fox Advice/Questions Topic-

    I only watched the Samus one. Here's my thoughts: You went for a lot of dash attacks out of neutral at low percents. Bad idea, as Fox's dash attack is slow and reaps very little reward at low percents due to the low knockback. Even if you do hit them that will often get you CCd and punished...
  2. AnEnemyMongoose

    Tink Matchup Guide Thread

    What do you all think about the Mario matchup? Over on his discussion board I saw someone say it was pretty even, maybe slightly in M's favor. Opinions?
  3. AnEnemyMongoose

    Question for technical Mario mains...

    Try to dissect what you are doing into individual actions at first. In this case, you're going to be jumping towards stage side > pressing opposite direction on control stick to wallhop > pressing B > quickly reversing direction > wallhopping again. Go into training or start a timeless match on...
  4. AnEnemyMongoose

    What color Mario do you use?

    Blanco y negro: a gentleman's colors.
  5. AnEnemyMongoose

    Combos on Floaties

    Yeah, ^ what he said. Against floaties, you are generally going to be playing pretty lame, unfortunately. Bair and lasers will do wonders as Bair is auto-cancelable and lasers will keep floaties out and mess up their traditional approaches. Other aerials can be good but your spacing has to be...
  6. AnEnemyMongoose

    How do you land shines (mostly against fox and other fastfallers)

    Not in PM. There is no intangibility on frame 1 of shine for either PM Fox or Falco.
  7. AnEnemyMongoose


    Not sure if you are still wondering, and I don't really know of any guides. But I can probably give you some tips to get you started. Generally when you're near one of the top corners offstage and trying to get back as quickly as possible, you want to throw the Ds (Waddle Dees) as upwards as...
  8. AnEnemyMongoose

    Secondaries for Mario

    Ike is pretty tough for Mario. He can easily out range M in neutral with disjointed aerials and run circles with side-b, in addition to having pretty good tools for edge guarding in that massive f-air, n-air, and d-air. Although M can gimp Ike just as easily, I'd say. Roy is probably more even...
  9. AnEnemyMongoose

    AGTing from ledge

    How viable is AGTing bombs as an option while on the ledge? In comparison to edge hopping? It seems pretty good considering it basically gives you another jump but opinions?
  10. AnEnemyMongoose

    Could I get a name change to "Swazzy? " Are you able to do that?

    Could I get a name change to "Swazzy? " Are you able to do that?
  11. AnEnemyMongoose

    Interview with Melee's Announcer -- Dean Harrington!

    This is great! You guys were very professional for a couple of excited fanboys.
  12. AnEnemyMongoose

    Super Smash Fighter: Offense

    I really enjoyed this! It's nice to take a step back and really look at and appreciate the uniqueness of the game. Keep up the good work.
  13. AnEnemyMongoose

    Difference between Smash players between games?

    My mistake. I meant that the way each game plays may not suit the majority's preferences. Edited. Thanks for replying. :)
  14. AnEnemyMongoose

    New Hampshire MELEE!!!!

    I know there is a place in Chester that's available for renting throughout most of the week. If we could get people to come it could work out.
  15. AnEnemyMongoose

    Difference between Smash players between games?

    So, like all of us, it didn't take me long to figure out that all Smash games are very different. So that would imply the players of each game all play differently and have different styles/specialties. So what makes pros from each of the games in the series different from pros in the other...
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