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Pokémon Liberation Front


If, on my journey, I should encounter Sakurai, Sakurai will be cut.
#FreeMelee #FreePM #FreeNX
  • Skull Kid
  • Neku
  • Whipsword user (e.g., Rondoline, Byleth, Miriam, Kaihime, Xun You or one of the other "Steel Whip Sword" users from Dynasty Warriors 9, or Takenaka Hanbei without his mask; I don't really want Ivy in Smash due to her sexualization)
  • Ephraim (or similar spear fighter, e.g., Dimitri from Three Houses)
  • Decloned Ganondorf
  • Masked Link
  • Melee-style physics with auto L-canceling / low landing lag
  • greatly improved competitive online play
  • extensive use of custom moves
  • open-ended support for new DLC characters, patches, etc.
  • easy modding



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